The "Three Musts" of Peach Blossoms and Fruits

Spring and even the recovery of all things, peach trees have already awakened, but also when peach trees and pests began to appear, in order to preserve flowers and fruit , increase production and income, it is especially important to do a good job in spring management. The spring management of peach trees mainly refers to the management of peach trees before germination, germination, flowering and fruit setting. The main technical points are as follows:

First to fertilize

The spring shoots of peach trees grow rapidly, so fertilization should be timely and reasonable.

1. Fertilization time: Spring fertilizer refers to fertilization before germination, and the time is from late February to early March.

2. Types of fertilizer: Nitrogen and potassium fertilizers are combined with organic farmyard manure and fruit leaf surface fertilizer. Each plant applies 10-25 kg of animal manure and 0.2-0.25 kg of urea.

3. Fertilization method: Two strips of grooves are symmetrically dug at the canopy drip line, each of which is 15-20 cm deep and wide. The fertilizer is mixed and applied, and the soil is covered in time. In case of drought before germination, the pond should be moisturized with water.

Second, we must pay attention to the preservation of flowers and fruits.

Physiological fruit drop is an important problem in the growth of peach trees. In the rainy conditions, the fruit is more serious. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the tree nutrients, enhance the tree potential, and use the micro-fertilizer and auxin to preserve the fruit.

1. Use “Zhuhuawang No.1” or Maxim's matching cerclage technology to preserve flowers and preserve fruit, control the growth of the shoots, and prevent and cure peach gum disease.

2, before the peach tree flowering, young fruit period, fruit expansion period, spray a "melon fruit and strong spirit" (15 kg liquid 1 capsule), and can add pesticides , fungicides and other agents, can control the falling flowers, Improve the quality of the fruit.

Third, we must promptly control pests and diseases.

1. Before the germination of peach trees, spray a 3 wave of sulphur sulphur mixture + "tree guard general" in Taoyuan to kill the source of pests and winters.

2, bud period or early flowering period, use "new high fat film" + Daisen zinc 500 times + "Dasheng M-45" 800 times spray once.

3, Xie Hua pay attention to the prevention and treatment of peach leaf disease, more rain, more humidity is more likely to occur, and found that the diseased leaves are removed in time, can be controlled with new high-fat membrane, Daisen zinc and other chemicals.

4, new shoots and young fruit stage attention to control peach aphid, peach aphid and peach small heartworm, can be used 90% of trichlorfon 800 times, 50% of killing pine 800-1000 times, peach small net 800 - 1000 times spray crown.

In short, grasp the opportunity, actively do a good job in the spring tube, and lay a firm foundation for the pest and disease protection and increase production and income of peach trees.

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