Comprehensive report of the meeting of the three executive directors (expansion) of the 4th session of the Superhard Materials Branch

On May 24th, the 3rd Executive Director (Extended) meeting of the 4th Superhard Materials Branch was successfully held in Shenzhen Jingpeng Hotel. Nearly 100 people including leaders, industry experts and business representatives attended the meeting. The group brainstorming passed the 2010 work summary of the Superhard Materials Branch. The meeting reviewed and approved the 2011 work plan of the Superhard Materials Branch. Secretary Li Zhihong gave a detailed evaluation of the economic performance of the industry in 2010. Relevant experts on the foreign anti-dumping issues that the current industry is more concerned about. The development of the diamond wire saw was explained in detail. Finally, the meeting also adjusted and reviewed the governing units of the association. The meeting was hosted by Secretary-General Li Zhihong. The meeting invited the Dean of the Guilin Institute of Mineral Geology, Dean Xie Zhigang, to read the 2011 Association Work Plan. 2010 Association Work Summary [Conference Soundtrack] In 2010, the Superhard Materials Branch completed the following four major tasks: 1. Work closely around the work of the General Conference, and complete the tasks assigned by the General Conference, such as elaborate writing. The “Twelfth Five-Year” development plan of the industry has been reported to the national ministries and commissions through effective channels, and has been highly praised by relevant departments. At the same time, it has strived to include superhard materials as sub-fields in strategic emerging industries, and has achieved initial success; According to the characteristics of this industry, we carried out a variety of club activities; organized the first cross-strait superhard materials technology development forum for the first time, and successfully applied for the China (Zhengzhou) International Abrasives Grinding Exhibition; and actively promoted the industry's vocational skills construction; 3. Strengthen statistical work, run industry yearbooks and various publications; in 2010, edit and publish 24 volumes of various magazines and informative books, totaling about 3.54 million words; 4. Strengthen the branch Internet site - China Superhard Materials Network Construction has greatly improved the level of information services, and has now become an important window for understanding the superhard materials industry at home and abroad. [News Background] In 2010, under the background of the government's strong investment expansion and the rebound of the global economic climate, the economy of developed countries continued to fluctuate. China's economic growth momentum shifted from the government to the market. The sustainability and stability of economic growth improved and quickly got rid of it. The downturn has entered a stage of consolidation and recovery. The Party Central Committee and the State Council have issued a series of new policy reforms around scientific development and economic transformation, and also deployed research preparations for the 12th Five-Year Plan. The Superhard Materials Branch follows the national policy and has done a lot of work around the main points of the 2010 work and the work plan of the club. It has carried out a variety of work; through hard and meticulous work, it has played its due "bridge" and " The role of the bond not only promotes the healthy development of the industry, but also improves its own construction. 2011 Association Work Plan [Conference Soundtrack] In 2011, the Superhard Materials Branch drafted the work plan as follows: 1. Focus on policies, strengthen research, do a good job of bridges and ties, and fully promote the launch of the 12th Five-Year Plan; 2. Implement the General Conference The policy is to actively carry out work around the main points of the work of the General Conference; 3. Strengthen the work of the clubs to further enhance the influence, appeal, cohesiveness and combat effectiveness of the clubs; 4. Promote the ability of innovative technologies and core competitiveness, and recommend them to the government and enterprises. The 12th Five-Year Plan will give priority to the development of scientific research products and change the mode of economic growth; 5. Research the market, run exhibitions and strengthen the brand; 6. Strengthen foreign cooperation and exchanges, encourage more members to participate in international competition; 7. Continue to strengthen the position of public opinion. Construction, do a good job in propaganda, and do a good job in the construction of “China Superhard Materials Network”; 8. Strengthen information construction, and run yearbooks, materials and consulting services. [News Background] 2011 is the first year of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”. Many projects of the seven strategic emerging industries will be gradually launched. As a part of the super-hard materials, it will also be the strongest of the country. In order to make full use of the national policy, fully implement the scientific concept of development, focus on transforming the mode of economic growth, improve the ability of independent innovation and the core competitiveness of enterprises, and achieve the goal of economic work in 2011, the Superhard Materials Branch has specially formulated the above. Work Plan. Interpretation of the Secretary-General Li Zhihong 2010 industry economic performance venue Soundtrack] [Li Zhihong, Secretary-General pointed out that in 2010 the operation of sectors of the economy: In 2010 diamond production was 9.2 billion karats, an increase of 61.69%, cubic boron nitride production was 305 million karats, an The growth rate was 24.0%, and the export unit price was the same as last year. In 2010, the top three countries and regions for China's diamond exports were the United States, Hong Kong, and India. In 2010, the development situation of superhard materials was the same as that of the national macroeconomic development. The development speed has returned to a high level. Even when the supply of products is in short supply and the orders are full, the profit rate of products has been greatly improved. However, China's super-hard materials still have objective conditions of low product prices and low profits. The diamond import market segmentation data of the United States, Japan and other countries indicate that most of the diamond prices exported by China are below US$0.1/CT, while European and American countries export. The price of diamonds is several times or even more than ten times that of China. In diamond products, this gap is more pronounced. [News background] China's diamonds have entered the strong country industry, and diamond products are also catching up, but for various reasons, we still have a long way to go with foreign counterparts, which requires us to work together to become a strong country for superhard materials. Work hard. In the face of foreign anti-dumping industry enterprises should strengthen unity [meeting site] During the meeting, Beijing Antai and other enterprises proposed that in the face of foreign anti-dumping, industry enterprises should unite and unite enterprises to win foreign trade wars. [News Background] In recent years, European and American countries have repeatedly launched trade wars against China to curb the excessive growth of emerging economies such as China. Anti-dumping and countervailing have become the only magic weapon used by the United States and Europe and the United States. The ultra-hard materials industry with increasing policies and exports has also become the target of their sanctions. From 2005 to 2006, the United States launched a wave of trade protection against China. The US Department of Commerce conducted diamond saw blades for Chinese origin. Anti-dumping investigations, and due to the dispersal and loneliness of super-hard materials enterprises at that time, China's super-hard materials companies failed to respond, the US Department of Commerce announced that China's diamond saw blades products increased temporary anti-dumping duties. [Expert opinion] Experts from pointed out that in the face of foreign anti-dumping, diamond companies should increase their initiative in responding to complaints and strengthen communication and cooperation with other stakeholders. Of course, Chinese companies still lack long-term mechanisms in response to anti-dumping. In addition to anti-dumping, China's economic and trade development will face more trade barriers. To this end, diamond companies should unite and respond actively, and the government and industry associations should also give active support. The application and development of diamond wire saw was hotly debated. [Meeting site] During the meeting, Professor Kang Renke from Dalian University of Technology gave a lecture on "Diamond Wire Saw Precision Cutting and Preparation Technology" and Huang Hui from Huaqiao University. "Study on Superhard Abrasive Tools and Wire Saw Processing Technology", from the research mechanism, technology development trend, market, detailed interpretation of the good application prospects of China's diamond wire saw, won the attention of the participants, many representatives frequently picked up Camera, take a picture of the two people's speech slides. [News Background] Under the background of global warming, deterioration of human ecological environment, shortage of conventional energy and environmental pollution, how to deal with the energy crisis, actively develop and utilize new energy, and reduce environmental pollution have become common problems faced by all countries in the world. As one of the clean and safe energy sources, solar energy has become the focus of attention of all countries in the world. Diamond wire is an indispensable special cutting product in the photovoltaic industry chain, and its application prospects will be very broad. According to iSuppli's latest forecast, the global PV installed capacity forecast for 2011 will reach 22.2GW. In 2011, the global installed capacity of new PV will still maintain a growth rate of 30%. Coupled with the gradual application of diamond wire to the cutting of IT wafers and LED sapphire, the demand for diamond wire is bound to increase sharply. According to an authoritative structure survey, the potential market for diamond wire saws in China is currently 8 billion US dollars. [Expert opinion] Professor Kang Renke pointed out in his speech that the diamond wire cutting process has been popularized by more than 90% of users in Japan, and is used by more than 20% of users in Europe and America. At present, the domestic diamond wire market is mainly monopolized by foreign companies. China's manufacturing is relatively blank, and the imported diamond wire is expensive, which seriously affects the wider application of diamond wire. Fortunately, domestic diamond companies are building diamond line projects, and it is believed that the prosperity of China's diamond line will soon come. Professor Kang Renke said: Because of the low investment, fast output and low risk, the electroplated diamond wire saw is more suitable for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises and individual manufacturers with tight capital, and the electrochemical equipment can also produce other products in one machine. At present, the research direction of electroplated diamond wire saws is to develop a more durable and durable diamond wire saw, shorten the preparation cycle of electroplated diamond wire saws and reduce the manufacturing cost, and expand the matrix type of diamond wire saws. At the same time, they voted for the promotion of Guangdong Xinjingang. Superhard Materials Co., Ltd. is the standing director unit of Superhard Materials Branch, supplementing Danyang Huachang Diamond Tools Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Fengtai Diamond Tools Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Changxing Diamond Abrasives Co., Ltd. as the governing units.

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