Some little knowledge about the kitchen ceiling and aluminum ceiling plate

Due to its combination, personalization, and recent introduction of intelligent technology, the integrated ceiling has been well received by the majority of owners in terms of aesthetics, function, environmental protection and energy saving. In the foreign market, well-known brands have appeared “Le Silong” and “Simon”, domestically. After several years of big waves, there are a series of high-quality brands: “Rongsheng”, “Tuscany”, “Aohua” and “Fa Shilong”. These brands have formed a certain brand influence in the hearts of consumers.

Aluminum is a light metal series. Because of its light weight, flat and simple, it is not easy to change and deform. It is easy to blend with other rare metals such as manganese and magnesium to increase flexibility. Moreover, aluminum is environmentally friendly and has no radioactive substances in building materials. Therefore, the aluminum gusset plate has become the main material in the integrated ceiling market. With the development of various processing technologies on the market, a variety of aluminum gusset integrated ceilings have also entered the eyes of the public: laminated sheets and wire drawing boards. , roller coated plate, etched plate, oxide plate, imported plate, a variety of colors, styles, processing technology, more and more popular with the public.

With the latest data to understand: the following types of panels are widely used in the industry: roll coated, oxide, and laminated.

First, the sales list NO1, roll coated

The processing technology of the roll-coated board is degreasing and chemical treatment on the surface of the base material of the aluminum buckle board, and the roll-coated high-quality paint is dried and solidified. The basic material of the roll-coated board is similar to most common integrated ceilings, but due to the roll-coated board After the roller coating process, it has advantages in dealing with oxidation resistance and surface color diversity, and it is less prone to chromatic aberration and less scratching on the color of the film. The advantages of the roll coating are : 1, high temperature resistance, 2, due to surface roller coating treatment, high environmental performance, acid resistance, decay resistance. 3, uniform color and long-lasting 4, flexible, can be cut, drilled, bent. Roll-coated plates are popular among the public on the market.

Second, the sales list NO2, oxidation board

Anodized aluminum gusset plate is a relatively advanced treatment process. It uses electrolytic principle to form an oxide film on the surface of ordinary aluminum by electrolysis. This oxide film is very resistant to oxidation and is not easy to stain. Dust, not easy to smoke, this layer of oxidation can remain permanently non-shedding. The thickness of the common oxide film is generally 0.3-4μm, and the oxide film can be applied to the following integrated ceiling aluminum gussets: wire drawing series, matt series, mirror series, sand surface series, embossing series, etc.; The high requirements on the upper and basic materials are favored in the market, of course, the price of this plate is relatively high.

Third, the sales list NO3. Laminating board

The film-coated board is coated with a high-gloss film or a phantom film on the base of the aluminum plate. The film is bright and easy to scrub. The film has three grades, the first grade; aluminum-magnesium alloy, third grade; aluminum alloy , fourth grade; ordinary aluminum alloy, fifth grade; recycled aluminum alloy. The basic materials of different grades are also different, so the difference in antioxidant capacity and toughness is very large. The processing technology of the laminated board is as follows: 1. LG high-gloss film laminating board, 2. Other imported film, 3, domestic film, there are many styles on the market, and there are many varieties of colors to be selected, and different brands of laminating boards The material and thickness are also slightly different. The thickness of the good laminating board is not more than 0.6mm, and the surface is crystal clear and bright, and does not change color for a long time. Tough feel, environmental protection, moisture, corrosion, easy to clean, light weight, good fire resistance. Relatively speaking, the price is also slightly higher.

Introduction Of Product
JESSRO PVC VALVES could save the cost and construction time for their advanced design and scientific modelling design that can make sure the perfect performance in all sorts of useing environment. All the valves have two connection mode, socket and screw, which one are greatly increas the use convenience. We use the original PVC materials with high quality in order to guarantee the 20 years life of the valves. We also use acid and alkali resistant, wear resistance of high aulity EPDM to increase the service life of the valve.


Features Of Product
1. Ideal materials in construction and irrigation for their ageing resistant and long service life.
2. Saving cost and accelerating the project for the easy installation.
3. Easy operation.
4. Big flow rate.


Way Of Conection
First step, clear both end of the valve.
For socket type, there need to use the corresponding glue on the socket wall again with the pipe and stick them together.
For screw type, there need to use teflon tape winding outer thread screw parts, then smooth twist in the threaded.


Scope Of Application
1. Water project in construction.
2. Water treatment for swimming pool.
3. Water project in pisciculture.
4. Irrigation for agriculture.


PVC Valves can be applied to the following:



UPVC Valves

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