Fu Nai Ke CBN tool to take advantage of the car generation 3 points

Fu Nai Ke CBN tool to take advantage of the car generation 3 points The FUJKE CBN tool has a “car-generation grinding” process that is environmentally friendly. So what is a car-generation grinding machine? What are the advantages and benefits of this?

By car grinding is the use of CBN tools or ceramic tools to process hardened parts. The new process used for grinding cars can cut hardened steel, gray cast iron, ductile iron, powder metallurgy and special materials.

The advantages of using a car grinding process:

1. It is cheaper to use the grinding wheel, generally only one quarter of the grinding;

2. It is not necessary to use special tools, special machines and fixtures for grinding machines. Grinding requires the use of grinding machines, while grinding machines can be carried out on existing NC or CNC turning centers.

3. The productivity is high because the cutting speed of CBN cutters is high, which greatly increases the productivity and saves a lot of time.

The integrated polycrystalline (FBN) cutters developed and manufactured by FUJUKE can be controlled to a machining size of ±0.01mm and a roughness of less than Ra0.8-1.6μm. This reduces the investment in the purchase of grinding machines, and can be completed in one setup. All the sophisticated surface finishing, shortened the production cycle, dry cutting, energy saving and environmental protection, successfully achieved the green energy-saving environmental protection "car on behalf of grinding" processing methods, in the gear bearing processing industry has been widely used.

As the cost of CBN cutting tools has been greatly reduced in recent years, conditions have been created for the promotion and application of vehicle grinding implements. The cost not only refers to the tool cost, but also to the manufacturing cost of each part. With long tool life and low cost per cutting head, CBN provides the most economical way for hard machining. In addition, in the area of ​​waste treatment and environmental protection, vehicle grinding is superior to grinding. Grinding produces a mixture of abrasive debris and coolant, which is waste that cannot be reused and can pollute the environment. The waste generated by the vehicle grinding mill can be reused, which is particularly important today when it comes to environmental protection.

In recent years, the space in the factory has received much attention. Compared with CBN tools, grinding wheels are relatively large and bulky and therefore difficult to store. The CBN cutters are small and can be used for vehicle grinding instead of adding new machines, which saves factory space.

The rapid development of vehicle-based grinding is based on the advancement of CBN tool technology in the past few years. In the early 90s, only a few CBN tools were selected for use in vehicle grinding. At present, the user's choice is 10 times more. In addition, the speed is greatly improved. The maximum cutting speed for cast iron in the early 1990s was about 152m/min, and the maximum cutting speed was now 1524m/min. The cutting speed of most continuous hard steels was 90 to 150m/min. The amount of 0.05 ~ 0.2mm / r, cutting depth of 0.1 ~ 0.5mm. The applicability of CBN has been expanded. In the past, it could not be used for brittle workpieces. Nowadays, workpieces with different hardnesses can be processed.

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