Fruit tree formula with fertilizer to pay attention to three points

    To use the fertilizer for fruit trees, note the following:

    First, the principle of fertilizer: 1 , land combined with land raising, organic combined with inorganic; 2 , improve soil maintenance root system combined with fertilization; 3 , balanced fertilizer; 4 , scientific application of trace element fertilizer and medium amount of element fertilizer.

    Second, the fruit period of the nutrient composition of the fruit tree, the following is the fruit tree in the fruit period as an example)

    1. Base fertilizer application period: Applying base fertilizer in time after harvesting autumn fruits, mainly based on organic fertilizer, combined with application of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers, adjusting the proportion of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in accordance with the growth momentum of crops, paying attention to application Trace elements and medium amount of fertilizer.

    2 , before and after the early spring germination: the application of nitrogen fertilizer; if the base fertilizer was not applied in the autumn of last year, it can be supplemented in early spring.

     3, prior to differentiation, the effect of the increase in fertilizer production is very significant, Shandong Apple flower bud is usually in mid-June each year, fertilizing should be in late May or early June, with application of nitrogen, phosphorus-based, with potassium fertilizer .

    4 , in the fruit expansion period: the main application of phosphorus, potassium, usually no longer apply nitrogen fertilizer.

    Third, the fruit tree fertilizer method:

    1. Soil fertilization method: adopting gully fertilization, it is more suitable for sapling application of base fertilizer; strip-type fertilization is more suitable for applying dense base fertilizer to base fertilizer; radiant gully fertilization is more suitable for applying base fertilizer in orchard. Fertilization in orchard over several Sheng should be rotating in fruit year; hole fertilizing blanket film, suitable for a variety orchards, fertilizer saving effect is remarkable; whole garden fertilizer, suitable for comparison Mature Root dense density orchard .

    2 , root dressing: by spraying leaves and branches, or trunk injection to supply nutrients.

    3 , fertigation: dissolve the fertilizer into the irrigation water, using the micro-irrigation system to apply fertilizer.


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