China-EU trade war started in the Ministry of Commerce

At around 9:55 pm on June 4, the EU announced the preliminary results of the anti-dumping case against Chinese PV products. A sharp battle between China and the EU in the field of trade was opened. Within a day, the Ministry of Commerce of China made a three-point emergency and resolutely opposed the abuse of trade remedy measures and unfair taxation measures by the European side.

At 10:29 am on the 5th, the Ministry of Commerce website released "Shenyang Yang, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Commerce, on the EU's anti-dumping preliminary ruling on China's photovoltaic products", saying that the European side is determined to adopt unfair taxation measures for China's PV products exported to Europe. The Chinese side expressed firm opposition. Shen Danyang also said that the Chinese government has initiated anti-dumping and countervailing investigation procedures for EU wines; at 11:33 am, the Ministry of Commerce website published a press release of the Ministry of Commerce to initiate anti-dumping and countervailing investigation procedures for EU wines; 3 pm Half, the Ministry of Commerce held a press conference. Shen Danyang reiterated at the meeting that China resolutely opposes the European abuse of trade remedy measures and unfair taxation measures, and hopes to continue to resolve trade disputes through negotiations and consultations with the EU.

"We hope that the EU will further show its sincerity and further demonstrate flexibility. In the next two months, we will sit down with the Chinese industry as soon as possible to discuss and negotiate a reasonable and win-win solution acceptable to both sides." Danyang pointed out.

In Shen Danyang's view, the decline in raw materials and industrial progress of photovoltaic products is the main reason for the price competitiveness of China's photovoltaic cells. It is not the dumping and subsidy behavior claimed by some EU companies. Therefore, the European side believes that there is no basis for dumping and subsidies for Chinese PV cells. .

The temporary anti-dumping tax rate announced by the European Commission on the evening of the 4th was 11.8%, lower than the previous recommendation of 47.6%. In this regard, Shen Danyang believes that this is the result of tremendous efforts by the Chinese government and industry. In particular, Premier Li Keqiang attached great importance to it and personally did a lot of important key tasks. At the same time, the European Commission also showed certain flexibility.

Despite this, the EU's anti-dumping preliminary ruling still has a lot of damage to some domestic PV companies, and has raised concerns about a trade war between China and Europe. The Ministry of Commerce announced yesterday that the Chinese government has initiated an anti-dumping and countervailing investigation procedure against EU wines. This has also been interpreted by the industry as a counter-measure against the EU PV anti-dumping case.

Liu Danyang, deputy director of the Bureau of Import and Export Fair Trade of the Ministry of Commerce, responded that the launch of the wine "double-reverse" investigation is not a retaliatory measure against the photovoltaic case, but a "normal trade investigation based on domestic wine industry applications and relevant Chinese laws and procedures." ".

Shen Danyang said that the friction of photovoltaic trade should not affect the good situation of China-EU economic and trade cooperation. The next step is still to resolve trade disputes through dialogue and consultation. "The high-level communication channels between China and the EU are smooth. The China-EU Economic and Trade Mixed Commission is expected to be held in Beijing in the middle of this month. At that time, economic and trade issues including PV trade disputes will be discussed at the meeting," he said.

As the chief representative of the negotiations on the European Union, Zhang Jingjing, president of the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Mechanical and Electrical Products, said in an interview with the Shanghai Stock Exchange that the Electromechanical Chamber of Commerce has been fully prepared and has exchanged opinions with the company, ready to start with the European Commission. Negotiations and consultations.

Since the two sides had the possibility of negotiating and negotiating before August 6, the reporter of the Shanghai Stock Exchange learned from relevant channels that China has prepared counter-measures including “one rule and two establishments” as a bargaining chip: the so-called “one The "cut" is the preliminary ruling on solar-grade polysilicon originating in the United States, Europe and South Korea, and the "two-legged" is the anti-dumping case against imported wine and automobiles. With the launch of the “double-reverse” investigation of wine, how to implement the follow-up counter measures is still worthy of attention.

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