Old furniture authenticity recognition

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With the recent gradual shortage of cherished wood such as huanghuali, the collection of precious furniture and precious furniture in Hefei has continued to heat up. Many Tibetan friends also made a special trip to Gannan and other places to scouring "old furniture." However, ancient furniture, like other collectibles, also has a fake phenomenon, and now the practice of making fakes is becoming more and more sophisticated. The experts of the Provincial Collectors Association supported this for the "Taobao" person to introduce the magic method.

1. See if the patina is natural. Where the furniture is often stroked, there will be a naturally formed patina. The new imitation of the patina is either unnatural or made in places that are not often touched.

2. Look at the traces of the legs and feet for signs of fading and dampness. Furniture is usually placed directly on the mud, which is the case with furniture legs and feet, especially in wet areas in the south.

3. Look at the bottom plate and drawer plate for old gas.

4. See if the wood grain is natural. Some furniture surfaces will have uneven wood grain, but it is necessary to carefully distinguish whether it is hard-wired with a wire brush, and whether it corresponds to the original wood grain.

5. See if the copper job is original. If the copper work of the old furniture is original, it should be rubbed for a long time. After a long time, it will have a faint silver light. Some copper jobs take too long, although there is no patina, it will leave traces of rust, and a little bit of green rust, these are one of the keys to distinguish the authenticity of old furniture.

6. See if the carving is exquisite. Generally speaking, the old furniture is put on a wider working time, and the craftsman's mentality is quite calm. The furniture is finely carved and round and natural. Nowadays, the new imitation furniture, in order to reduce the cost and rush time, will be exposed on the engraving, the circle is not smooth, the square is not strong, the border floral decoration will often appear to cut corners.

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