Introduction of Changchun Flower Culture Method

The reproductive point of a periwinkle

Cutting propagation: cutting branches and branches should pay attention to heat preservation and moisturizing during cutting

The cutting time of periwinkle is usually spring. We try to cut a relatively tender branch as a cutting point. It can be a tender strip on a new branch or a new tender strip on an old branch. It is always tender and tender. Bring two or three leaves and insert the bottom of the shoot into the wet sand. Try to keep the temperature between 20 and 25 degrees during the cutting. After pouring the water, cover the potting soil and the cuttings with a film to moisturize, and place the potting soil in a cool, ventilated place waiting for rooting.

Water plugging and breeding: pay attention to changing water in the summer

The cuttings of the periwinkle water insertion method are similar to the ordinary cuttings. The cut branches can be directly inserted into the clear water, but it is necessary to always change the water for the cuttings. The frequency of changing the water is preferably changed every two days to ensure the clear water. The content of nutrients and the cleanliness, if necessary, can also add a few drops of nutrient solution to promote the rooting of water. Generally speaking, rooting takes about 20 days.

The main points of maintenance of the periwinkle flower: there must be sufficient light and water fertilizer management control, proper pruning and topping, high temperature, low temperature

Have plenty of light: plenty of light to grow and bloom better

We know that for positive plants, how important it is to have sufficient sunlight, Changchun is such a Xiyang flower. Adequate sun exposure is essential in its growing season or flowering period. If it lacks sunlight, it will only cause Changchun flowers to grow without leaves. Even if it's cold in the weather, try to put it in a place where the indoor light is brighter.

Water and fertilizer management control is good: afraid of wet and afraid of watering should not be too much

Changchun Huaxi is afraid of dampness and fear, and the amount of watering should be controlled more. If it encounters rainy days, try to transfer it into the room. If it can't be moved indoors, it is easy to do the drainage work in open-air breeding. Otherwise, it is very easy. Causes the periwinkle to rot and kill. The application method of alternating compound fertilizer and liquid fertilizer alternately can be taken every ten days during fertilization. At the bottom of the Changchun pot soil, a layer of base fertilizer should be laid as much as possible to ensure the nutrient content of the potting soil.

Appropriate pruning and topping: pruning is good for topping

The periwinkle does not have a great effect on its own growth, but if it can be picked once or twice during the seedling, it will make its plant type more beautiful. Usually, we must do a good job of pruning the periwinkle flowers. The old and weak branches should be cut off in time, otherwise it will affect the overall beauty and consume the nutrients in vain.

Like high temperature avoid low temperature: hi high temperature will stop growing when the temperature is too low

The temperature of the growth of periwinkle flowers can be slightly higher, and the low temperature is very unfavorable to it. It should be at least fifteen degrees during the day, otherwise it is easy to stop growing. If it is in the cold north, it is necessary to ensure that the indoor temperature at night is often five. Above the degree, otherwise the periwinkle will be frostbitten.

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