How to improve small kitchen feng shui

Nowadays, due to the high housing prices, the younger generation tends to choose small-sized units to ease economic pressure. Secondly, the small-sized apartment is more romantic and romantic. Today, the groundhog Xiaobian tells everyone about the small-sized kitchen feng shui and raises the small How to improve the quality of small-sized kitchen feng shui?

Small household kitchen feng shui needs to pay attention to the following three common senses, grasp these points and improve the kitchen feng shui.

1, small-sized kitchen does not gather gas

The saying that the house is too big, too small to gather gas is also applicable to the kitchen. If it does not gather, it means that the fortune is difficult to accumulate and the popularity is not very strong.

2, the flame is unstable, not good for health

Small-sized kitchens are much more affected by airflow in other functional areas than in independent kitchens. As a result, the flames of the stoves are inevitably unstable. This implied in the wind and water will have a negative impact on the health of the occupants.

3. If the stove or the back of the pool is a window, it will not gather gas and leak money.

Many small-sized kitchens do not have a stove or sink against the wall. Others are close to the window for light considerations. The obvious influence of this layout on feng shui is that it does not gather gas and leaks money.

The small-sized kitchen feng shui brings a little luck to the warm little home, cooking food, eating a big meal at home, eating the cold outside, and more young people want to enjoy the warmth at home.

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