Iskar 2009 Aviation Industry Tour Xi'an Station ended successfully

Abstract On September 10th, Iskar held its Xi'an Station in the 2009 Aviation Industry Tour at the Kempinski Hotel in Xi'an. At the event, Mr. Reuven Shapir, the aviation industry manager of Iskar Headquarters, carried Iska in the aviation industry for many years...

On September 10th, Iskar held its Xi'an station tour of the 2009 aviation industry tour at the Kempinski Hotel Xi'an.

At the event, Mr. Reuven Shapir, the aviation industry manager of Iskar Headquarters, shared the experience of Iskar in the aviation industry for many years and the latest “3P” concept to discuss the tool technology of the aviation industry.
During the period, Reuven Shapir gave a detailed introduction to Isa's processing advantages in engine, frame and wing, mechanical and hydraulic components, landing gear and other major aerospace components, as well as high-speed and efficient machining of aluminum alloy, high-efficiency processing of titanium alloy, high-pressure cooling. The content of technology and other audiences communicated with the audience. It also introduced ISCAR's cutting-edge beam magic SUMO tool technology and its application cases. The speech covers the aviation industry's processing difficulties and the cutting edge of the aviation industry.

Li Yuxi, general manager of Iskar Tool International Trading Co., Ltd., attended the meeting and congratulated more than 100 representatives from the aviation field in Xi'an and surrounding areas. The audience listened to the tour and fully acknowledged the tour. Quite a lot. Earlier on September 8, Iskar also held the first event of the series tour in Chengdu for local and surrounding aviation users, and also achieved good results.

3P is the product development theme launched by Iskar in 2008. It is a combination of the English words Productivity (High Productivity), Performance (High Performance) and Profitability (High Yield). Isa is aiming to increase productivity, enhance product performance, and ultimately help customers achieve high returns through product development. The new product is named the Shumo series (SUMO series), covering various tool categories such as turning, milling and drilling, and various industrial fields. From the launch of the new product of Iskar Dalian in November last year, the lecture of the Isca Dalian Technology Center to the new product launch conference in Xuzhou, and the tour of the aerospace industry, ISCAR accelerated the pace of marketing in China, from the regional main line. To the main line of the industry, they are actively spreading and expanding their brand influence.

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