China's packaging machine industry has become a trend of rapid development and product diversity

  With the rapid development of the economy in China, the fast-moving consumer goods market has also shown a rapid development momentum, not only in the development of product variety, quantity and quality, but also in the consumer, beverage, food and western The gap between the consumer markets, along with the growth of the entire fast-moving consumer goods market, more and more companies are in this industry, as the competitive pressure of the entire industry is growing, the breakthrough of the company is positioned in the improvement and diversity of product packaging. On.
Since the birth of the food packaging machinery industry, it can be divided into three stages in its development process:
First: To meet the demand for product protection during storage and transportation.
Second: In order to meet the needs of enterprises for production cost control.
Third: to meet the different consumer spending habits of different packaging needs.
According to relevant experts, in the Chinese market, due to many factors, most companies realize that they must control the cost in the food packaging process.
When the market competition enters a higher stage. The diversification of product packaging has naturally become a topic that companies must pay close attention to. In the foreseeable future, companies will pay more and more attention to the positive impact of product packaging. This also provides a broader prospect for the development of the packaging machine industry.
Jiubo guesses that in the future development trend, the packaging machine's single function and low efficiency (about 60~180 bags/minute per minute) will change, with existing equipment and two layers of diverse packaging technology. The combination will greatly improve the performance of packaging machinery and equipment, the ultimate goal of equipment manufacturing companies is to meet the market's requirements for "scale production and packaging diversity."

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