Audi synthesizes environmentally friendly "fuel" with carbon dioxide and water

In the most ideal pollution-free environment, the cars on the road are driven by electricity and hydrogen fuel cells, but Audi has brought us a compromise before the world advances.

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The company's latest production of automotive fuels called "e-diesel" is mainly composed of carbon dioxide and water that are present around us. This is convenient and environmentally friendly compared to fossil fuels that require a round of mining and refining, because e-diesel only needs to pass water through high-efficiency electrolysis and then synthesize it with carbon dioxide.

The synthesized liquid hydrocarbons can be effectively burned and can be mixed with existing fossil fuels as needed. However, the plan for this new fuel is still in the experimental phase, with only 793 gallons of primary production available for testing. However, since it has already been announced, it is only a matter of time before it is officially put into production.

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