Intelligent induction parking lock installation and use

1 Installation location Select the outdoor flat and dry concrete floor and place the parking lock in the middle of the parking space entrance so that the car will not be rolled into the parking lock when entering the parking space.

2 Installation Method Pull the parking lock arm upright and use a key to open the lock on the top cover and lift the top cover.

According to the position of the three mounting holes on the parking lock foot, three holes with a diameter of 12mm and a depth of 50mm are drilled and the M8 expansion bolt is driven.

Three sets of equipped gaskets are put on the bolts, then the parking lock is installed, and the nuts are tightened and tightened.

Place the battery in a specific position of the parking lock, take the corresponding vehicle identification card to a remote place (40m away from the open space), and insert the battery's plug into the corresponding socket.

Cover the parking space with the cover, then lock the cover and insert the antenna into the antenna holder.

The corresponding vehicle identification card is taken near the parking lock, and the parking lock arm is lowered, indicating that the parking lock has been installed successfully.

The vehicle identification card is preferably stuck to the back of the vehicle's interior rearview mirror or the middle of the upper edge of the front windshield.

3 How to use The vehicle identification card is installed on a specific vehicle. When the vehicle is close to the parking lock, the arm of the parking lock is lowered. When the vehicle is away from the parking space, the parking lock is raised.

Intelligent Induction Parking Lock Precautions Parking locks should always be cleaned of dust and rubbish on the surface during use. Try to ensure that parking locks are clean and dry.

Try to ensure that the antenna is stuck in the antenna seat and the direction is upright so as not to affect the normal operation of the parking lock.

Before using the parking lock, the battery shall be recharged and the charging time shall be controlled for more than 10 hours. After the battery is fully charged, the indicator of the charger will turn red to green.

In the course of use, when the parking lock is alarmed or when it is found that the operation of the arm is significantly slower, it is necessary to perform supplementary charging in time.

When the green light of the vehicle identification card is not blinking within one minute, it indicates that the vehicle identification card is lack of electricity, and the vehicle identification card should be charged.

Do not disassemble the battery of the parking lock, and do not use chemical liquids to clean the battery. If the battery casing is damaged, it should be carefully taken out and sent to the designated battery recovery department to prevent any part of the human body from directly contacting the damaged battery surface.

Do not dismantle the circuit part of the vehicle identification card and parking lock.

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