Sichuan Ya'an stone varieties and characteristics

Ya'an City is called “the stone kingdom” by geologists. As the saying goes, the stone in China is in the southwest, the stone in the southwest is in Sichuan, and the stone in Sichuan is in Ya'an. Ya'an is also one of China's four major stone bases, and is also a new force in the development of China's stone industry. This article is a brief introduction to the stone in the Ya'an area of ​​Sichuan. The Ya'an area contains various stone resources, mainly red granite and “white jade” marble, among which the marble is best in Chinese red and asbestos, and the white marble is white and flawless. The material is excellent, the structure is fine and uniform, and the color is smooth and bright after processing.

The Ya'an area of ​​Sichuan governs eight counties and one city, six of which produce high-quality red granite stone. From north to south, Baoxing, Lushan, Tianquan, Hanyuan, Jingjing and Asbestos have discovered red granite. a variety of. For example, the polished plate of Lushan Taiping Township is like the "Chinese Red" of chicken blood; the Tianquan Purple Stone Pass, the bright and fleshy "Tianquanhong" of the Angzhou area; the elegant color of the towns such as the Three Classics and the New Temple "Sanhehong", "Xinmiaohong", "Asian Red"; Asbestos Fengle's color is jujube, and the toned "Asbestos Red". These red granite stones are famous for their excellent quality, good performance and special beauty.

At present, the granites developed and utilized in the Ya'an area can be divided into dozens of varieties such as red, green and black. The total geological reserves are about 5 billion cubic meters, of which the high-grade granite has the following three series. It is worth noting that the red granite stone in the Ya'an area has a miniature pattern of chicken feet, which has become a unique phenomenon in China. Ya'an stone's block cost, block sawing processing cost is much higher than other domestic stone, block material to the board yield rate, cutting rate is much lower than other domestic stone, so the total cost is much higher. There are 35 varieties in the national standard of China's "Natural Stone Uniform Number", and 7 of them have been selected as "China's famous stone varieties". The ore is well crystallized, the grain size is moderate, the potassium feldspar content accounts for more than 55%, and the base color is bright red, clean and transparent quartz inlay, and the three-dimensional effect is remarkable. The ore compressive strength is 90.5-192.6MPa, the flexural strength is 14.2-19MPa, the Shore hardness is 102~144Hs, the gloss is greater than 100 gloss units, and the specific activity of radioactivity is 1R. ≤1.0 and Ir≤1.3, all are Class A stone, resistant to weathering and corrosion, have excellent physical and mechanical properties, processing properties and decorative properties, and their production, sales and use range are not limited.

Among the many producing areas of Ya'an Stone, Baoxing County is one of the most important producing areas. Baoxing County is located in the west of Sichuan, north of Ya'an City. The famous marble products of Baoxing include “Baoxing White”, “Blue Flower White”, “Blue Flower Ash”, “Oriental White”, etc. The granite products include “China Green”, “Baoxing Mojing” and “Chu Hua Huang”. , "Emerald Green", and so on. More than 30 kinds of precious stone varieties, the total reserves of more than 3 billion cubic meters, of which the most famous "Baoxing white" marble, the world praised: "the world's first white", with large reserves, high purity, excellent quality, white The characteristics of good and easy mining, the evaluation of the authority is: "It is a rare high-quality marble deposit, which is a high-developed industrial calcium carbonate raw material base." Baoxing stone can be sculptured, can process plates, can produce calcium carbonate series products, can be comprehensively developed, flexible and change direction, and quickly adapt to the market.

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