Integrated ceiling how to disassemble the integrated ceiling removal method diagram

The integrated ceiling is not only full-featured and easy to install, but it is also very convenient to repair. It has gradually become the mainstream choice for home decoration ceilings. If there is a need for cleaning on weekdays or if you need to change the appliance, you will be filled with emotion. The integration and removal of ceilings is so simple and convenient. So, how to disassemble the integrated ceiling? Let's take a look at the integrated ceiling removal method diagram.

An integrated ceiling removal method diagram

The disassembly and cleaning of the integrated ceiling is also very convenient, as long as three small steps: suction, pull, and disassemble. Manufacturers will be equipped with a small tool, as long as a light on the board to collect, suck the air away, tightly suck one of the corners, and then pull a force, pull the four corners, you can remove the whole board, the internal Clean it up.

After dismantling the outer panel, you can see the internal structure. Among them, an edged auxiliary keel is arranged around each plate, and the auxiliary keel functions as a connecting module and a light steel keel to ensure that each plate can be closely connected.

Assembling the ceiling is also very easy, press harder along the keel. No special tools are needed, just pay attention to the location of the different pattern ceilings.

Two integrated ceiling removal precautions

1. When the original ceiling is dismantled, the safety of the equipment and facilities in the original ceiling shall be taken into consideration to avoid damage to the pipelines and equipment due to the dismantling; the kitchen and toilet shall be avoided when the original ceiling is removed; and the original ceiling internal circuit pipeline shall be avoided. Remove as much as possible, no longer consider continuing to use;

2, kitchen bathroom ceiling removal and transformation should pay attention to the impact of indoor light sources, ceiling height should be moderate, the wall decoration and the future of soft decoration;

3. The design of second-hand housing renovation houses should give priority to the safety of ceilings. In particular, some old houses with a useful life of more than fifteen years or more have experienced aging of their original building structure. In addition, due to the requirements of the hanging structure during the construction of the original ceiling, many holes were drilled on the top surface, which reduced the local carrying capacity. Demolition is to pay special attention;

4. The power supply should be cut off when dismantling. The original ceiling circuit pipeline should be removed as much as possible. Do not consider continuing to use the circuit because the circuit in the original ceiling has almost no value;


5. The safety of the equipment and facilities in the original ceiling shall be taken into consideration when demolition. Many old houses in the last century have heating pipes in their ceilings, and some houses are central air-conditioning systems, to avoid damage to the pipelines and equipment due to dismantling. ;

6, generally in the second decoration, the original ceiling decoration removed, it should pay attention to remove as much as possible, does not retain the original ceiling decoration structure. In particular, the structure of the weight of suspended ceilings such as hangers and pendants in the original ceiling must be dismantled. This is mainly due to future safety considerations;

7, if the removal of the transformation of kitchen and space, the use of plastic or steel buckle ceiling, it is best to find a professional installer to get, so as not to damage the original structure or can not go back;

The above description of the method for disassembling the integrated ceiling is briefly introduced here. I hope to help you. For more information, please visit this website. Stay tuned.

Integrated ceiling

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