Liu Yandong: Introducing the source of science and technology to open up a vast world of living water

In order to promote the implementation of innovation-driven development strategy, showcase the results of “double innovation” and create a good atmosphere in the whole society. With the approval of the State Council, the “National Double Innovation Week” will be held from this year. The day before yesterday, Premier Li Keqiang attended the launching ceremony of the main venue, emphasizing that the structural reform of mass entrepreneurship and innovation should stimulate the creativity of the whole society and create a new engine for development; it must constantly improve the public goods and services needed, and constantly remove the restrictions. The obstacles of creating a continually woven the network of people's livelihood security, and enhance the enthusiasm and courage of entrepreneurial innovators. Yesterday, I went to Jilin University to participate in the first China Internet + "College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Finals event, very encouraged. This afternoon, I went to Zhongguancun to visit and discuss with you. I studied the spirit of the series of speeches by General Secretary Jin Ping and Premier Li Keqiang on “Double Creation”, focusing on science and technology to lead innovation and entrepreneurship, and listening to the opinions and suggestions of comrades.

Just now, I saw the results of the awards and exchanged ideas with the winners. The speeches of the six comrades were very good. They had personal experience, in-depth thinking and unique insights. The opinions and suggestions were very pertinent. They were inspired and inspired. After the meeting, the Ministry of Science and Technology and other departments are invited to seriously study and adopt. Below, I will make a few comments.

1. Promoting mass entrepreneurship and innovation is the trend of the times.

The Party Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to mass entrepreneurship and innovation. General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed that it is necessary to take scientific and technological innovation as the core to lead comprehensive innovation, and to inspire innovation and innovation through institutional and institutional reforms. It is necessary to seize key joint research, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and promote the integration of science and technology and economy. In this year's government work report, Premier Li Keqiang pointed out that to promote mass entrepreneurship and innovation, it is to inspire the infinite wisdom and creativity hidden in the hundreds of millions of people, so that millions of people rely on entrepreneurship to stand on their own feet and make innovations. The State Council executive committee has conducted many special studies on "double innovation" and made comprehensive arrangements for promoting mass entrepreneurship and innovation. When I was in Beijing, Tianjin, Jilin and other places, I also felt that the public entrepreneurship and the spirit of innovation have been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. This fully demonstrates that the Party Central Committee and the State Council have made strategic plans for mass entrepreneurship and innovation, which is in line with the trend of the times and has a broad social foundation and huge development needs.

First, from an economic perspective, promoting mass entrepreneurship and innovation is a key measure for stabilizing growth and restructuring. Since the international financial crisis, the world economic structure has been profoundly adjusted, the recovery is still weak, and competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Developed countries generally implement the "re-industrialization" strategy and actively seize the right to speak in high-end industries; developing countries are also accelerating the process of industrialization, taking the initiative to undertake low-end industries and capital transfer, posing a huge challenge to China's economic development, and urgently relying on innovation. Entrepreneurship reshapes its competitive advantage and “breaks through”. At present, China's economy is generally slower and stable, but it still faces greater downward pressure. The rigid constraints of energy resources and environment and the imbalance of regional development have become increasingly prominent. Faced with the dual pressure of short-term steady growth and medium- and long-term adjustment structure, the extensive development model that relied on scale expansion has been difficult to sustain. It must rely on technological innovation to achieve new and old power conversion and promote the economy to “climbing over the hurdle”. Accelerating the mass entrepreneurship and innovation, is conducive to better inspiring the vitality of the important productivity of "people", and spawning a large number of "specialized, refined, special and new" small and medium-sized enterprises to create more individuality and diversity. Customized products and services that stimulate market demand and lead consumer upgrades. In a certain sense, mass entrepreneurship and innovation are important focal points for the combination of distance and distance, and the application of good, can be a new engine of economic development, release the vigorous development momentum of new industries and new industries, and continuously cultivate new economic growth. Point to create an innovative economy.

Second, from the perspective of science and technology, promoting mass entrepreneurship and innovation is an important breakthrough to accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and promote the integration of science and technology. In recent years, China's science and technology investment has continuously increased, and the ability of independent innovation has been continuously enhanced. In 2014, the total research and development expenditure of the whole society reached more than 200 billion US dollars, the scale of research and development personnel reached 3.9 million, and the number of invention patent applications increased by more than 10% year-on-year. However, we must also see that many of the hard-working research results have been deposited in universities and research institutes, and the scientific and technological achievements that are urgently needed for economic development are difficult to satisfy. Accelerating the promotion of mass entrepreneurship and innovation will help to eliminate the insufficiency, unsatisfactory and unsatisfactory transformation of scientific and technological achievements, promote the transfer of scientific and technological resources and scientific research capabilities into market entities, and introduce the “source of living water” of technological innovation into the economic master. The battlefield will enhance the new momentum of economic development.

Third, from a social perspective, promoting mass entrepreneurship and innovation is an inevitable requirement for building a well-off society in an all-round way and realizing the Chinese dream. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that the Chinese dream is ultimately the dream of the people and must rely on the people to achieve it. At present, China has entered the crucial stage of building a well-off society in an all-round way. It must break through the institutional and institutional obstacles that hinder the people's entrepreneurship through mass entrepreneurship and innovation, and enable thousands of people to rely on innovation and entrepreneurship to become rich. Accelerating public entrepreneurship and innovation, it is beneficial to release more talent dividends, inspire the creative vitality of every social cell, create a space for self-employment for everyone who has the dream of innovation and entrepreneurship, and add new impetus to economic growth. Whether it is a poor boy or a social elite, as long as you have the determination, the effort, and the right path, you can achieve your dreams and bring together thousands of innovative and entrepreneurial dreams into a "Chinese dream."

Second, the mass entrepreneurship, the innovation of the public has begun to appear, the potential is huge

At present, we are in the “creation era” of mass entrepreneurship and innovation. In accordance with the decision-making arrangements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, all localities and departments have issued a series of policy measures, actively reducing the approval process, making additions to optimize services, improving the entrepreneurial environment, expanding entrepreneurial channels, enhancing entrepreneurial vitality, and stimulating the whole society. Leading innovation through innovation and inspiring innovation through entrepreneurship have fully ignited the new engine of innovation and entrepreneurship. Mainly presents four characteristics.

First, the public grassroots gradually became the main body of innovation and entrepreneurship. Since the current administration, the State Council has accelerated the promotion of decentralization and decentralization, especially through the reform of the commercial system, which has greatly stimulated the vitality of innovation and entrepreneurship in the whole society, and the new market players have shown a “spurt” growth. Nowadays, more than 10,000 enterprises are born every day in the country. More and more people and grassroots have become the main force of innovation and entrepreneurship. Many young entrepreneurs are almost self-made, inventing and creating in simple factories or dorms, and fulfilling their dreams through hard work. This is also a new wave of entrepreneurship after the “sea” wave in the 1990s. Innovation and entrepreneurship are not the patents of a few people, but the opportunities of the majority and the opportunities of ordinary people.

The second is the creation, crowdsourcing, public support, and crowdfunding. Under the conditions of the Internet, not only individuals and small enterprises with thousands of troops are engaged in innovation and entrepreneurship, but some large enterprises are also actively exploring ways to participate in innovation through crowd-creation, crowdsourcing, public support, crowdfunding, etc. Springing up and flourishing. For example, some companies have established an open innovation platform to build an innovative and entrepreneurial ecosystem for internal employees and social workers, so that everyone can use the industry's industrial resources to innovate. Another example is that some companies establish venture capital accelerators. The selected teams can use office space free of charge in Beijing, Seattle, London and other cities. They can also get expert guidance and are welcomed by entrepreneurs.

Third, the innovation and entrepreneurial service system has been continuously improved. In recent years, local governments and departments have been working hard on public services, innovating service methods, optimizing financial support methods, creating various innovation and entrepreneurship platforms, and providing entrepreneurs with “grounded gas” services and products. At the same time, third-party services are quietly emerging. For example, Zhongguancun's entrepreneurial meeting room, Hangzhou's dream town, etc., according to the individual needs of enterprises, providing “one-stop” entrepreneurial services such as registration, intellectual property, legal consultation, and finance and financial services, play an increasingly important role. . Investment roadshows, entrepreneurship forums, training and counseling organized by various social organizations have also become important forces for innovative entrepreneurial services.

Fourth, innovation and entrepreneurship activities are rich and colorful. The China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition has been successfully held for four times and has become a beautiful social brand. In the first three sessions, nearly 32,000 companies participated in the competition, which contributed to nearly 10 billion yuan in venture capital investment. The 4th competition held this year, there are currently more than 27,000 companies participating in the competition, close to the sum of the first three sessions, the enthusiasm for participation is unprecedented. Various localities are also actively taking various actions to attract entrepreneurial talents and innovative resources. For example, Zhongguancun launched the “Startup China” lead project, and more than 9,000 new technology companies were established in the first half of this year; Chengdu implemented the “Entrepreneurial Tianfu” initiative, and more than 8,300 new technology companies were added in the first half of the year.

It should be said that under the unremitting efforts of local governments and various departments, the overall development of public entrepreneurship and innovation has been good. However, we must be soberly aware that in the face of new situations and new problems, some reform measures have not been implemented well, and there are still “glass door” and “spring door” phenomena; some financial institutions, large enterprises and colleges and universities and other social forces are involved in innovation. The depth and breadth of entrepreneurship are not enough. This requires us to conduct in-depth analysis, deepen reforms, and remove the embarrassment that hinders innovation and entrepreneurship.

Third, science and technology lead the masses to start a business, the cause of innovation is shoulder to shoulder, the mission is glorious

The key to implementing innovation-driven development strategies and promoting comprehensive innovation with science and technology innovation as the core is to combine technological innovation with mass entrepreneurship and innovation for a wider range, deeper level and higher level to effectively promote scientific and technological achievements and actual productivity. Docking, promoting the integration and interaction of various innovative elements to bring together a powerful driving force for economic and social development. It is necessary to further exert the leading role of science and technology, fully release the great potential of innovation and entrepreneurship, and promote China's economy to maintain medium- and high-speed growth and move toward the middle and high-end. The focus is on strengthening the following three aspects:

First, we must grasp reforms, and some aim to break the mass entrepreneurship and the barriers to innovation. At present, innovation and entrepreneurship still face many institutional obstacles. It is necessary to take the opportunity of the "Promotion of the Transformation of Scientific and Technological Achievements" as an opportunity to identify the "card neck" problem that restricts innovation and entrepreneurship, and to cut the system and mechanism that hinders the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and "carrying the whole body and moving the whole body". It is necessary to fundamentally remove the obstacles that restrict the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, grasp the reform of the use, disposal and income rights management of scientific and technological achievements, explore the state-owned asset management methods that adapt to the characteristics of intangible assets, and continuously input original scientific and technological achievements for innovation and entrepreneurship. It is necessary to improve the incentive mechanism for scientific research personnel to innovate and start businesses, to liberate the conflicts between equity incentives and current relevant regulations, and to enable scientific and technological personnel to start their own businesses, to benefit their own interests, and to create wealth. The State Council Standing Committee has decided to extend the four income tax policies currently piloted in the National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone to a comprehensive level. It is necessary to speed up the formulation of operational rules and implement the policy as soon as possible.

Second, we must gather elements to form a joint effort to solve the problems of mass entrepreneurship and innovation. Public entrepreneurship and innovation are social system projects, which require the active participation of all kinds of subjects in the whole society to jointly solve the difficulties and pain points of innovation and entrepreneurship. We must actively explore new models such as crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, public support, and crowdfunding to establish a cloud platform for mass entrepreneurship and innovation, and solve the dilemma of financing difficulties, market difficulties, financing, and rents. ". It is necessary to gather and integrate innovative and entrepreneurial resources, accelerate the flow of innovative entrepreneurial elements, and mobilize rich social capital, professional talents, and service organizations to provide entrepreneurs with high-level, all-factor, and convenient services. We must respect the laws of the market, treat the new products, new services, and new forms of the market with an open and inclusive attitude, and let the "unknown seeds" of innovation and entrepreneurship grow and grow in the fertile soil.

Third, it requires practical results, and it is necessary to create public entrepreneurship and innovation highlights according to local conditions. At present, mass entrepreneurship and innovation are in full swing throughout the country. All localities and departments must be good at using dialectical thinking to plan for innovation and entrepreneurship, combining local natural endowments, industrial bases and cultural characteristics to create innovative entrepreneurial advantages and longboards. We must respect the law of innovation, and we must not be lazy and do not act in a political way, but also prevent "one-on-one" and "blindly follow the trend." It is necessary to give full play to the decisive role of market allocation of innovation and entrepreneurship resources, and to choose the direction of innovation and entrepreneurship, and to embark on a road of innovation and entrepreneurship based on local conditions, strengths and weaknesses, and unique characteristics, to create new business cards and new highlights of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Comrades, mass entrepreneurship and innovation are the driving force for development, and they are also the way to enrich the people, the fairness, and the strategy of strengthening the country. I hope that comrades will stand in the forefront of the times, march forward in the wave of entrepreneurial innovation, and strive to achieve their dreams. All localities and departments must join hands and seize the development opportunities brought about by mass entrepreneurship and innovation, continuously inject new impetus into the new economic normal, expand new space, and implement innovation-driven development strategies and build innovative countries. Make a positive contribution.

Finally, I wish the National Double Creation Week a complete success! I wish you all entrepreneurs and start-ups, success and success!

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