Practical and practical skills! How to install curtains

Sometimes you can install curtains yourself. However, after installation, it always feels weird, but after checking it up, it can't find any wrong place. In fact, the installation of curtains is very simple. It is mainly composed of four parts: curtain head, curtain body, track, and Roman rod. Each part The functions are different and the installation method is different. Therefore, with good grasp of these parts, curtain installation will be much easier.

First, curtain head

The main window of the window is composed of main material + lace + ribbon. The function of the window head is mainly to increase the overall appearance and increase the sense of luxury.

Second, the curtain body

The curtain body has draperies and gauze curtains, drapes = main material + hole + satin + rope + lead block + lace + side with + cross + + flower + hanging spike + tie + side hook, curtain body has a lot of Types, Korean, Chinese, etc., can be chosen according to your preferences and decoration style.

Third, track

The track has half of the orbit and the electric orbit. The electric orbit is in trouble and is divided into a motor, a remote controller, a track, a pull rope, a mount, and the like.

Fourth, Roman Rod

Rome is generally more than 20 yuan / meter, depending on its material, wood will be expensive. When buying Roman rods, brackets and rings are included.

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Curtain curtain rod installation

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