Sanitary ware products intelligent upgrade intelligent toilet installation steps

With the continuous advancement of society, people's pursuit of quality of life continues to improve, more and more intelligent products enter the market, making our lives more convenient and better. This is not the case, the current sanitary ware stores, many sanitary ware products intelligent upgrade, toilet Jun is one of them. So, what is the installation method of the smart toilet compared to the traditional toilet? Although it is not changed, it cannot be summarized. The intelligent toilet installation steps are explained in detail, and you need to be cautious step by step, don't be careless!

1. Before installation, check whether the sewage pipe is unblocked and the installation floor is clean.

2. Install the matching sealing ring on the drain outlet of the toilet.

3. Determine the toilet installation location. Lay the toilet drain to the pipe drain and slowly lower it, adjust the correct position, then use chalk or whiteboard pen to mark the line around the toilet and determine the mounting hole.

4. Hit the mounting hole. Align the foot and the wire to mark the hole, and use the impact drill to make the mounting hole. The diameter is 10mm, the depth is 60mm, and the expansion rubber nail is loaded. Generally, the ground wire is not required to be installed.

5. Apply glass glue to the inside of the marking line.

6. Align the mounting holes with the surrounding glass glue on the toilet and slowly press down until it is level.

7. Put the glass glue on the joint between the toilet and the ground, and trim the circumference to ensure the appearance.

8. Install the ground wire.

9. Connect the inlet pipe and check if the filter is installed.

10. Clean the floor and tools and prohibit immediate use. Because glass glue curing generally takes 24 hours, it is necessary to keep the water around the toilet for 24 hours.

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