How to deal with shower nozzle?

Home shower nozzle is blocked again? Where to go to find a master at night! Don't worry, it's not your own hands and feet. Under normal circumstances, the shower is used for a long time, more or less will cause some problems, shower nozzles blocking is a common thing, see Xiaobian teach you how to solve!

First, cleaning inlet

When water is drained for a long time, some granular objects in the inlet pipe or tap water are difficult to emerge from the outlet hole, and it is easy to plug the outlet hole, remove the shower nozzle, gently shake the inlet downward, and pour out the inside. The sundries. Take care to keep the accessories when removing the spray head.

Second, clean the nozzle fouling

1. The shower nozzle diverts the water column from multiple outlet holes to reduce the impact on the skin and achieve massage effect. When cleaning, you can use small objects around you, such as sewing needles. Penetrate the needles one by one into each outlet hole to make the scale fall off from the inner wall of the outlet hole. Then pour water into the nozzle from the inlet port, shake and wash the water, and let the scale be fully cleaned.

The above-mentioned method does not require too complicated tools. The more troublesome thing is to clean one by one. But when cleaning, you need to remove the nozzle. How can the shower nozzle be broken? Many people know that using vinegar to clean the inner wall of the kettle, because vinegar can dissolve scale, the shower nozzle cleaning can also use this method .

2, choose a container that can put down the nozzle, pour white vinegar, cleansing spirit or specialized scale cleaner such as this type of weak acid, put the end of the nozzle into the bubble for a period of time (3-4 hours is appropriate) , Use a small toothbrush or other clean brush to brush, then rinse with water.

One thing to note with this method is that weaker acids are used instead of strong acids. Generally, the surface layer of the sprayer has a plating layer, or the other part is a metal material, and encountering strong acid will cause corrosion to the spray head.

3. After rinsing with water, use a rag to clean the scale surrounding the surface of the outlet hole. If you encounter a more “difficult” deposit, do not use a needle, scrape with a nail until it falls off, and clean it with a rag.

Of course, if you want to maintain a long service life, only pay attention to the shower nozzle cleaning is not enough, especially for the nozzle of the plating surface, but also to carry out daily maintenance: after use, often with a clean soft cloth to wipe (preferably Dip a little flour to wipe the surface to make it look like new.

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4. Transportation and Packing

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