Aerogel insulation material is good aerogel insulation material characteristics

I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of aerogel insulation materials, in recent years, aerogel insulation materials are more and more widely used, aerogel insulation materials in the use process has many advantages such as: stable chemical properties, superior insulation Performance, good mechanical properties, noise damping properties, etc., is a new type of environmental health and high-tech materials. Then, the next small series for everyone to introduce aerogel insulation good and bad aerogel insulation material characteristics.

Aerogel insulation material is good

Aerogel insulation material is a solid material form, the world's lowest density solid. The density is 3 kg per cubic meter. The common aerogel is the silicon aerogel, which was first made by American scientific worker Kistler in 1931 for betting with his friend. There are many types of aerogels, such as silicon, carbon, sulfur, metal oxides, metals, and so on. Aerogel is a compound word, where aero is an adjective that represents a flying gel. Gel is obviously a gel. Literally means a gel that can fly. The gel of any substance can be maintained as it is after it has been dried and the internal solvent can be substantially maintained, and the product has high porosity and low density, which can all be called aerogels.

As an insulating material, the nanoscale network structure of silica aerogel effectively limits the propagation of local thermal excitations, and its solid thermal conductivity is 2 to 3 orders of magnitude lower than that of corresponding glassy materials. Nanoholes inhibit the contribution of gas molecules to heat conduction. The refractive index of silica aerogel is close to l, and the ratio of the infrared and visible light quenching coefficient is more than 100. It can effectively pass through the sunlight and prevent the infrared radiation of ambient temperature from becoming an ideal transparent heat insulation material. It has been applied in solar energy utilization and building energy saving. By means of doping, the radiative heat transfer of silicon aerogels can be further reduced. The thermal conductivity of carbon-doped aerogels at room temperature and pressure can be as low as 0.013 W/m·K, which is the lowest thermal conductivity material at present. It is expected to replace polyurethane foam as a new type of refrigerator insulation material. The incorporation of TiO2 can make silicon aerogel a new type of high-temperature insulation material. The thermal conductivity at 800K is only 0.03w/m·K, and will be further developed as a new material for military products.

Aerogel insulation material features

1, flexible

It's a little elastic, and it feels very soft and comfortable. It has large and small graphene aerogels. It's like a tennis ball. The smallest one can plug holes in wine bottles. It's ashy and lovely. This kind of graphene aerogel known as a carbon sponge, because of its special elasticity, can be arbitrarily changed in shape, compressed to any degree, and can be restored to its original shape at the fastest speed.

2. Suction

Aerogels have a strong adsorption force, especially organic solvents, and are the most absorbing materials in the world. There are also some products that sell oil-absorbing products on the market, but compared with graphene aerogels, it is only one-tenth of them, and this graphene aerogel material can absorb 250 equivalents of the oil-absorbing products sold in the market. It's about times, and it's just sucking oil, but it's not absorbing water.

3, energy storage insulation

Another feature of aerogel is that it can be used as a heat-insulating material and it is applied to our commonly-used insulation cups, insulated water bottles and other products. It is an extremely ideal thermal insulation and energy storage product, and has a great market prospect. Without popularity, many consumers do not know that such an excellent material exists, but the graphene aerogels that were developed have indeed had good insulation effects after many tests.

Editor's summary: Regarding aerogel insulation materials and the characteristics of aerogel insulation materials introduced here, I hope to help everyone. If you want to know more related information, you can pay attention to this website information.

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