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Many friends who are going to decorate will consult how much money a square meter of water and electricity is installed . Everyone wants to spend valuables on every penny. Decoration is already a big consumer. If you do not plan carefully, it is estimated that you will spend a lot of money. How much is the water and electricity installed? Next, take a look with Xiao Bian!

How much is a square meter of water and electricity installed?

1, waterway

Generally speaking, most construction companies tell you that the price of a pipe through two lines is the same as the price of two pipes after construction. In other words, if the pipe is buried, a line inside is 30 yuan/meter, and the same slot is opened. The same pipe is only put inside, but there are two lines in the pipe, but the price is 60 yuan/m. . In this way, you can spend more and more money. Obviously, such a billing method is unreasonable. When a pipe is worn through two lines, the cost of slotting and threading pipes is the same, and only the cost of that line should be added.

2, circuit aspects

Each switch socket needs to be equipped with a cassette. If you can, it is better to buy the cassette yourself. Please ask the decoration team to report the installation fee. A cassette supermarket also sells one or two dollars, and the construction party often quotes ten dollars, so the average family will casually spend hundreds more.

3, drawings

Before the signing of the renovation contract, the designer is required to show the water circuit transformation drawings and calculate the number of possible transformations of telephone lines, power outlets, switch panels, waterway reconstructions, cable television lines, and network cable transformations. Reasonable expenses to avoid excessive increase in costs.

Detailed hydropower installation prices

1. Inlet pipe reform 32 yuan/m PP-R pipe, joints, elbow machine welding (without tap).

2, circuit transformation 35 yuan / m package materials, line tube, bottom box, wire.

3, telephone, television, broadband line 25 yuan / m package materials, line tube, bottom box, line (without socket).

4, waterproof, moisture-proof 30 yuan / m2 package materials, waterproof agent, brush 2 times.

The above is the introduction of the relevant content of the installation of water and electricity for a square meter, I hope to help you. For more information on hydropower, stay tuned for information on this site.

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