Interval requirements between the outer skin when the cable is laid in the same trench

With the improvement of the quality of life and the living environment, the "spider net" formed by the weak lines on both sides of the road or across the road and densely intertwined is no longer the modern "mark" of the city, but it hinders the city. Looking at the image is accompanied by many security risks. The public is eager for the government to sort out the exposed wires and cables and lay them into the ground to protect the cables and reduce accidents. Why not?

The harm caused by open-air wires has attracted attention to the cable and has been recognized and supported by most countries. Especially in countries with faster urbanization, they are more interested in cable entering the ground, which can beautify the urban landscape and increase the visibility of the city. It can reduce the chance of external damage to the wires and reduce accidental losses. In the following, we will say that when multiple cables are laid or crossed with each other, what are the requirements for the spacing between cable sheaths?

1. The minimum clearance between power cables or control cables is 0.1m, and 10kV is 0.25m. The cables used in different parts (including communication cables) are 0.5m from each other, separated by cable partitions. When it is reduced to 0.1m, it is not specified in the pipe.

2. The minimum clearance is 0.5m when the cables cross each other. The cable is within 1 m of the intersection before and after the intersection. If separated by a partition, the interval can be reduced to 0.25 m, which is not specified when it is inserted into the tube.

3. To maintain a certain interval when the cables are parallel or crossed, consider the following reasons:

When inspecting the cable, mechanical damage may occur if the adjacent cables are too close. In order to prevent the cable from being burnt out during operation, the adjacent cables should be burned out. Therefore, the cables should be properly spaced. If the cables are too close to each other, they will not easily dissipate heat, thus affecting the current carrying capacity of the cables. If the cables are close to each other or intersect, they cannot be kept at a certain interval. When they are in contact with each other, "AC erosion" is easily generated.

In the event of a cable failure in the cable trench, it not only directly affects the city's electricity consumption, but also may cause the relay protection or control loop to fail, causing the accident to expand or even damage the main equipment, and the production cannot be resumed for a long time. Therefore, the cable believes that it is necessary to strengthen the management of cable trench construction, protect the cable inside the cable trench from damage, and is of great significance to the safe operation of power plants and substations, and to ensure the safety and reliability of urban electricity, for the urban economy. The rapid development provides a solid foundation.

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Label: Interval requirements between the outer skin when the cable is laid in the same trench

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