2014 rosewood furniture prices continue to rise


This year, mahogany furniture has become a typical representative furniture with prices rising all the way.


Hongfafa Chinese Rosewood Ming-style dining table seven-piece set


Mahogany furniture manufacturers believe that the shortage of raw materials is still the main reason for the price of mahogany furniture soaring. Taking Dahong rosewood as an example, last year's price was still tens of thousands to more than 100,000 yuan per ton, and now it is generally rising to more than 200,000 yuan per ton. The highest price is even 800,000 yuan per ton.


Since the second half of the year, the upward pressure on raw materials has been released to the mahogany furniture terminal market. However, relatively speaking, the increase in finished furniture is not as good as raw materials. Rosewood furniture has doubled, while raw materials have more than doubled.


The price increase next year may continue. At present, mahogany furniture is facing a resource bottleneck, and its price trend is closely related to resource supply. If the pressure on raw materials cannot be effectively relieved, the price of rosewood furniture will rise next year.


However, as a kind of furniture with high collection value, the market response of mahogany furniture has its own particularity. For consumers who use mahogany furniture as daily necessities, the current high price may make them hesitate to wait and see. But for investors, after buying mahogany furniture, they can appreciate as prices continue to rise. Industry insiders suggest that since price increases have become the general trend, it is now a good time to buy mahogany furniture.


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