How to make your home's plastic products more and more new

When it comes to plastic products , it is really ubiquitous. Plastic products play various roles in people's lives. However, after a long time of use, it is inevitable that many plastic products will change due to cleaning or accidental dyeing. It’s dirty. For example, if you have a curry lunch box, there will always be a layer of yellow and yellow things that are difficult to remove; in the gaps of the net, because of the inconvenience of cleaning, it will naturally have a dirty stain when the time is long; what color is cut by the plastic chopping board? Things can't be washed anymore. These are some of the common phenomena in life, so what should we do? Today, China Plastics Industry website - Jiuzhi Plastics Network will take everyone to see:

Hard-to-clean curry bowl
1. Put the 84 disinfectant and clean water together at a ratio of 1:200. Put the old plastic products and soak for 2 hours. Rinse again with clean water, it will be fine, the effect is very good, no corrosion on plastic products. In addition to "whitening", it is also a disinfection work.
2. If you encounter a plastic product that is heavily stained with curry, the soaking time can be extended for more than 4 hours, or soaked overnight.
Note: When using 84 disinfectant, do not get the original liquid on the clothes, otherwise it will produce spots on the clothes, there is no way to save.
The water soaked in the plastic product can be poured into the toilet and soaked for 1 hour, which can also be used for cleaning.

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