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Yang Yunbo, et al.: Point gate hot runner injection molding pp round chair 15 Polyamide product structure needs adjustment Since the realization of industrialization, the soil industry has been rapidly developed and the variety is diversified. Since the mid-1980s, new types of PA nanocomposites and semi-aromatic PAs have been developed.

Although the fiber use of PA has gradually matured, due to the competition of polyester fiber, its growth rate is slow. However, due to the widening of PA as an engineering plastics application field, the PA industry is still full of vigor and vitality.

In the 1980s, China successively introduced PA raw materials and polymerization production technologies. Through the digestion and absorption of imported technologies, the domestic annual production capacity has reached 185,000 tons, and its production increased from less than 10,000 tons in 1992 to the end of the 1990s. Since the 1130s t.90s, great progress has been made in the improvement of PA technology development and production equipment and processes. With the research and development of nanomaterials, China's research on PA/clay nanocomposites has also made gratifying progress.

Regarding the structural adjustment of PA products in China, people in the industry believe that, first of all, on the basis of tracking international PA raw material production technologies, we must strive to innovate and form our own technologies. Second, at present, the vast majority of production enterprises in China have PA devices with small scale, low output, backward technology, large energy consumption, high energy consumption, high cost, poor product quality, and lack of market competitiveness. In order to reverse the dependence of imports of PA chips, a large-scale PA polymerization plant should be established to form a PA chip production and supply base. This is not only an urgent need for the development of China's PA industry, but also the only way to improve economic efficiency.

Taking the road to basement has four advantages: 1 It can save a lot of investment compared to decentralized construction; 2 Slice production can form a reasonable economic scale, and it is easy to exert the scale effect; 3 It is conducive to the implementation of high-tech modern management to ensure product quality and stability; 4 Medium and small Spinning companies can obtain a stable slice supply from the slice production base, avoiding production stoppages due to dislodging of the slice, or quality fluctuations caused by the absence of fixed suppliers. The third is to increase the development of PA fiber varieties, improve the differential fiber rate, and develop functional products. At the same time, we must speed up the development of high-tech PA fibers, such as para-aromatic PA fibers used in the aerospace industry. Fourth, aiming at PA fiber, there are still large opportunities for growth in the development of the space, take the intensive approach, expand the economic scale, and eliminate some of the PA technology companies with backward technology, small scale, and poor efficiency.

In accordance with market demand, strict control of the expansion of the production of tire fabrics, and at the same time should increase support for management practices, technologically advanced enterprises. The fifth is to strengthen cross-industry departments' close cooperation with the upstream, middle and lower reaches of the river to accelerate the pace of industrialization of new PA plastic products. PA engineering plastics are becoming more and more important due to their excellent overall performance and processing performance. The automotive and electrical and electronic fields are the largest industries for PA engineering plastics applications. However, at present, most of the PA products required by China's automotive and electrical and electronic industries rely on imports or rely on domestic small companies to provide supply and quality are unstable. This situation is seriously constrained. China's engineering plastics and automotive, electronic and electrical industry development. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the cooperation of the upper, middle and lower reaches of the cross-industry sector.

In addition, when PA companies purchase production equipment, they should aim at the development of foreign technologies and increase the localization rate of technology while diluting and absorbing foreign advanced technologies. Improve the technological level of PA industry and the competitiveness of products. (PENG Zhan) China's first new-type gas pipeline production line Qingdao Deyili Group Company has introduced and absorbed foreign advanced production technology and developed China's first set of new medium-density polyethylene (MDPE) and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) gas pipeline production lines. success. Its various technical indicators have reached the relevant national standards. The unique structure of the production line, high degree of automation, easy operation, continuous production, stable and reliable. The production line adopts a powerful conveying bushing, high-efficiency screw, center feeding, and screw-type diverting extruding compound head; and adopts vacuum negative pressure shaping and circulating water spray cooling to achieve height, vertical, and horizontal adjustments. The required straightness. The production line also has a multi-purpose machine function, the production line will be slightly modified, with a different mold, you can produce PP-R pipe with color marking, PE pipe, PP pipe, ABS and plastic composite pipe of two different materials. The relevant authoritative department has detected that the MDPE and HDPE gas pipes produced by this equipment have many advantages such as heat resistance, aging resistance, mechanical strength, resistance to environmental stress cracking, and good creep resistance. Compared with the steel pipe now used, the cost can be reduced by about 12%, the working life can reach 50 years, is 2.5 times that of the steel pipe (generally 20 years), and the maintenance cost is low. Can be widely used in inter-city and urban gas pipelines, especially the "West-East Gas Transmission" construction project.

It is understood that in some industrialized countries, the number of plastic pipes in gas pipelines has reached more than 90%, mainly using MDPE or HDPE pipes. The use of gas-fired plastic pipes in China is only 20%. From this, the city's development potential for the production of polymer-polymerized solid sheets has come into being. Ningbo Lanbo Artificial Stone Manufacturing Company has been devoted to the research and development of solid polymer sheet materials for many years. produce. This new type of building material, known as “Blue Gaming Stone,” is made of high-temperature recrystallization of germanium molecular materials and natural stone. It has not only the hardness of natural stone, but also the incommensurability of natural stone. After heating, it can create a variety of curved surfaces. It is made of food-grade raw materials, non-toxic, odorless, and non-radioactive; it has no pores on its surface, and it cannot penetrate inside; its rich colors can freely modulate all the colors popular in modern homes; due to high temperature treatment, the surface Heat-resistant 280 ~ 550 especially, does not burn, and resistant to acid and alkali, non-absorbent and afraid of blisters; using ordinary woodworking machinery and tools can be processed into a variety of shapes, easy to splicing and no stitching; if scratched, Can be lightly sanded and polished with fine sandpaper. Its physical and chemical performance indicators meet or exceed the relevant domestic and foreign standards. The material can be widely used not only in indoor countertops, cabinets, walls, columns, escalators, etc. in banks, hotels, restaurants, office buildings and various types of buildings, but also in home kitchens, restaurants, and bathrooms. (Shi Xiaoling)

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