Six tips for wood lacquer construction

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The correct coating construction method can make the coating play professional performance. In the case of wood lacquer, if you want to get good results, you must pay attention to the construction method. Xiaobian here introduces the six tips of wood lacquer construction.

Wood lacquer construction 诀窍 one: pre-dusting. First of all, the surface of the wood should be polished and smoothed, and the floating ash should be treated. When cleaning, a special dust-removing cloth can be used, and a large area (such as a ground plate) can be repeatedly vacuumed by a vacuum cleaner.

Wood lacquer construction 诀窍 2: varies from material to material. Understand the wood of wood, if it is hard wood (such as teak, eucalyptus, Bengals) should be used with caution putty, foaming water, etc. to avoid discoloration and affect adhesion. For hard wood, if you want to get the best effect, you can paint directly. If you need to fill the gap, it is recommended to mix it with paint and fine wood powder. If it is general wood, if you need to use transparent putty as the substrate, you should use it first. The scraper is evenly applied to the entire base layer. It should be thin and not thick. After drying, the grinding should be uniform and the excess transparent putty attached to the surface of the wood should be thoroughly polished to avoid lacquering.

Wood lacquer construction 诀窍 three: painting preparation. The environment and painting tools must be cleaned when painting, and the operator should wear clean overalls and a clean work cap.

Wood lacquer construction 诀窍 four: coating grasp. The paint should be thin and not thick, and can be carried out in a thin layer. When doing multi-layer coating construction, each application should be applied after the lower layer is dry and polished.

Wood lacquer construction 诀窍 five: moderate temperature construction. When the temperature drops below 5 °C, it will prolong the drying time of the paint. At the same time, if the temperature is too low, it will produce white fog or matting. Therefore, it should avoid construction under such conditions; avoid direct sunlight or high temperature operation, and the temperature is too high. Fast, pinholes or bubbles are also generated, so high temperature construction should be avoided as much as possible.

Wood lacquer construction 诀窍 six: humidity control. When the ambient humidity is greater than 85%, it is not suitable for construction, otherwise it will easily cause whitening and other defects.

Gas Fastening System is a very popular and very efficient building Fastening System which include gas tool, fuel cell and strip fasteners. Gas tool absorbs flammable gas from fuel cell and mixes it in its air cylinder. The mixture is  ignited by electric device and produce a lot of high pressure gas which push the piston go forward to push the strip fastener into the concrete or wood basement. Compared with General Purpose Powder Actuated Fastening System, it is much more quicker and efficient. But it is not used for very hard basement for its highest power energy is no more than 110 Joules.

Gas tool:

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Gas Fastening System


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