Prevention and cure method of rich tree root rot nematode

The root rot nematode is a small nematode that exists in the soil, mainly affecting the roots of the host plant and other underground organs, occasionally infecting the upper part of the ground such as stems and fruits, and the tissue affected by the infected part becomes dark brown and is water-immersed. The surface is scarred, the roots are short and rot, and the upper part of the ground is characterized by dwarfing, wilting or death. In the prevention and control, proper application of nitrogen fertilizer, especially urea, can inhibit the occurrence of short-lived nematodes. Use healthy and insect-free propagation materials, and according to the sensitivity of different propagation materials to temperature, choose the appropriate temperature and time combination, and heat treatment of the propagation material. The fumigation killing agent is used to treat the soil before planting, and after the planting, it can be controlled by non-fumigation killing agents such as ketone phosphorus, kedadan, milier, and phorate.

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