JTEKT develops a new construction of anti-creep ball bearings

JTEKT recently announced the Koyo brand slogan “Key of your operation” for the bearing business. In the future, we will work together with customers to solve the problem and provide more quality products for each industry as a “trustworthy partner”. .

This time, mainly for the use of automotive gearboxes, JTEKT has developed a new construction of anti-creep ball bearings.

This product is designed to reduce the bearing and bearing life of the bearing due to creep (rotation of the outer ring of the bearing relative to the housing). The traditional outer ring thickening treatment method is used to successfully suppress the bearing creep. The weight reduction and miniaturization of the gearbox have contributed.

In the future, this product can be used not only as a bearing for gearboxes such as CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) and HV (Hybrid Vehicle Hybrid), but also for gear manufacturers and gearbox manufacturers. An industry that has changed demand.

1. Product Features

1 For the creep caused by the deformation of the outer ring of the bearing, the new product developed this time adopts the world's first new structure and new shape. (The company's survey results)

2 and the outer ring thickened 35% have the same creep inhibition effect. (Example: reduce the wear of the bearing housing by 50%)

3 By replacing the previous products, the gearbox can be made lighter and more compact.

2. Detailed description

Ball bearings for automobiles (especially CVT and HV) require a large radial force and are prone to creep caused by deformation of the outer ring of the bearing (the outer ring of the bearing rotates relative to the housing). When creep occurs, the bearing and the casing are damaged, and the shaft body is greatly eccentric and inclined, which may bring hidden troubles to the normal operation of the gearbox.

The creep caused by the deformation of the outer ring of the bearing is generally dealt with by the thickening of the outer ring, but this will not only increase the size of the entire bearing, but also increase the size and weight of the gearbox.

This product adopts the world's first design scheme, adopting a “shallow groove design” in the middle of the bearing outer ring surface, so that the contact point between the ball and the outer ring track to the contact point of the outer ring surface and the bearing shell is about It is equal to the distance between the two contact points of the bearing product using the outer ring thickening method, and achieves the same creep control effect as the bearing with the outer ring thickened by 35%.

Since the outer ring is not required to be thickened, the weight and size of the automobile gearbox can be reduced.

3. Sales target

Vehicle companies, gearbox manufacturers, etc.

Global hardware network

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