Summer is the best season to change radiators

Recently, the purchase of radiators has been booming, and consumers who need to replace their original radiators have been increasing. Why is this? With this question, we asked the North Casting radiator experts to listen to his explanation of this phenomenon.

Summer is the best season to change radiators
The heating system is divided into two types. One is the centralized heating system. The user's home radiator needs to be connected to the entire system through pipes. The second is the family-independent heating system. The user controls the heating and separates the heating. Regarding the household heating system, the radiator can be replaced at any time, but users of the central heating system cannot replace it at will. Since replacement during the heating period will probably affect the normal heating of neighboring neighbors and even cause security accidents, If the need to replace the radiator should be selected in the non-heating period, the user's selection of summer will be accepted.

Second, the summer season is a good time to decorate, and as one of the decorative items of the radiator device, it is naturally included in the summer construction projects. Under normal circumstances, the radiator device is suitable for processing all the procedures on the wall at the moment, namely after the wall paint finishes, the wallpaper finishes, the tiles of the bathroom and the kitchen are finished, and the wood floor has no time before laying. If the device is installed earlier, the wall behind the radiator can not be painted or wallpapered; if the device is too late, the wooden floor will be scratched during the installation process. In addition, if problems occur during repression test, the problem will be repaired and repaired in time. .

Summer is the best season to change radiators
Another reason is to consider from the radiator itself. Since the current radiator products are all custom products, the ordering period is usually around 15-20 days, so it is best to book early before decorating, leaving a stocking time to meet, and This amount of time will only appear to be adequate in the summer, allowing people to concentrate and wait, and this time the manufacturers will usually be a large number of stocking, to ensure delivery on schedule, will not delay the construction period, affecting the development of decoration.

In short, summer is the best time for radiators to be stocked and installed. Consumers can purchase equipment from major building materials malls or specialty stores to select well-known brands of radiators for quality and after-sales service. The maximum limit is to protect their own interests. We recommend to you the North Casting Radiator, which has a 50 year warranty and ensures quality. It is praised as a warm home.

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