GO Jiaju member's autumn exchange meeting ended successfully

As a well-known furniture shopping guide network in Suzhou, GO Jiaju focuses on optimizing your home life and seeks more favorable ways to purchase furniture for consumers. To this end, GO Jiaju.com and the well-known furniture brand merchants held the Autumn Meeting of GO Jiaju Members on the afternoon of September 8.


The GO Jiaju member's autumn exchange meeting is the ultimate goal of promoting member exchange and enhancing consumer purchasing power. At the meeting, GO Jiaju.com first explained to the participating members the GO Jiaju.com member background management method, as well as the mobile terminal background instructions.


At the same time, GO Jiaju.com has proposed a new project with practical significance to its members--GO Jiaju Jiaju Finance

Jiaju Finance is a new concept put forward by GO Jiaju to cater to the financial era, that is, to buy furniture, you can enjoy the method of installment payment, apply for loans, etc. The consumption pattern of early enjoyment and installment payment is the current hot consumption mode. Buy a house and buy a car. Computers buy mobile phones, many people will choose to pay in installments, and now installment payments are no longer patents in these industries, furniture can also be purchased in installments.

GO Jiaju Jiaju Finance


GO Jiaju.com explains the financial function information of the members for the members.

Staging introduction

GO Jiaju.com has joined hands with banks in China, agriculture, industry, construction, and transportation to create a “GO staging” service. This service is a financial business launched by consumers in the purchase of furniture for installment loans, leading the consumption of furniture “after consumption” The new model of paying the bill.
Application conditions:
1) The application amount for each furniture loan is RMB 10,000-500,000;
2) The merchant where the purchase is located is a certified member of GO Jiaju.com;
3) Have a good credit history;
4) Ownership of properties in the development area and mortgages;
5) This loan is limited to the purchase of furniture;
Loan Policy Tailong Bank Suzhou Sakaguchi Branch and GO Jiaju.com jointly launched the “Jiaju Loan” professional unsecured loan service for the furniture industry, which guarantees the opening and closing of the furniture industry, the decoration and purchase of funds and other capital operations!
Loan conditions GO Jiaju members to strengthen the bank-to-business credit management, users who need financial loans, need to register as a GO Jiaju enterprise users;
For more information, please call (0512-82278555)
The purpose of the loan is for the merchant to pay for the rental of the mall room;
It is used for furniture storefront decoration and purchase of goods;
Working capital for the production and operation of furniture factories;
The enterprise qualification loan enterprise or individual credit is good, and there is no bad record in the bank;
A loan company or individual owns a physical furniture store or factory;
The loan enterprise or individual has the corresponding repayment ability;
Loan Process 01 Join GO Jiaju Member 02 Fill in the loan application online 03 Bank Loan Commissioner and you check the information 04 Face-to-face loan agreement 05 Waiting for bank loan for the fastest 3 days 06 Loan success

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