The fastest maglev train on Earth: 560km/h exceeded the limit of surface speed

The fastest maglev train on Earth: 560km/h exceeded the limit of surface speed

After the high-speed rail technology, countries around the world began to focus their research and development on magnetic levitation technology. Following the successful test run of the new 500km/h maglev train in Japan, the United Kingdom is now planning to build a faster maglev train line.

According to the "Sun" report, the transport company Direct City Networks (DCN) is developing a plan for "the fastest underground railway system in the world," running between Liverpool and Hull, called "DCN300 +".

The plan mentions that the maglev train on this line can reach speeds of 350 miles per hour, about 563 kilometers per hour, and only 29 minutes from Liverpool to Hull.

The current maglev program is awaiting approval.

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