Hydraulic concrete and rock splitter and its application

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Hydraulic concrete and rock splitter ( hereinafter referred to as splitter ) is a portable tool produced by Darda , Germany , which can replace blasting and traditional crushing methods. It also has great technical advantages in the field of quarry mining. . The machine has the characteristics of small size, light weight, strong power, no vibration, no impact, no noise, no dust, high working efficiency and remarkable work effect. Where the blasting is not allowed, in the case of narrow construction sites where large-scale equipment cannot enter, and where the surrounding environment has great restrictions on vibration, impact, noise, and dust, the use of splitters has unique effects.

German Darda C2S, C4S, C10S Splitter

The basic structure of a split system

A set of splitter systems typically includes hydraulic power stations , one or more splitters, hydraulic connections, quick connectors, and other accessories as shown in Figure 1 .

Hydraulic power station mainly by a power source, a hydraulic oil pump, a pressure relief valve, hydraulic oil tank and the chassis (vehicle) and the like, a power source of portable and mobile two categories, a hydraulic power station can drive up to five divisions machine. Making split mechanism shown in FIG. 2, the main control valve, the split cylinder, and the working head out of the group consisting wedge. Splitter is mainly made of high quality special aluminum

Alloys and alloy steels are precision machined and equipped with special high-quality seals, so they are lightweight and have a large pressure capacity. The reverse wedge is coated with a special hard alloy after special surface treatment, which has high compressive strength, wear resistance and high temperature resistance.

The hydraulic connection pipe is used to connect the hydraulic power station and the splitter. The quick connector can safely, quickly and easily connect the hydraulic pipe to the hydraulic power station and the splitter and put it into operation or disassembly in seconds. If a hydraulic power station drives multiple hydraulic splitters at the same time, it is necessary to configure the flow diverter in the hydraulic connecting pipe.

2 working principle

The compressive strength of objects that are usually broken ( such as concrete, rocks, etc. ) is high, but the tensile strength is less than 10 % of their compressive strength . Splitting machine is to take advantage of the low tensile strength of brittle materials. The relative motion of the wedge group is used to convert hydraulic energy into mechanical energy, which causes the wedge group to generate splitting splitting force, allowing the concrete and rock to split from the inside and break up. The purpose of the excavation.

The working process is as follows: First, a hole of a specific diameter and depth is drilled on the object to be split, and the wedge group of the splitter is inserted into the hole. The hydraulic power station's high-pressure oil pushes the hydraulic cylinder piston rod to extend the work, so that the middle wedge in the splitter wedge group protrudes forward, and the opposite wedge wedge is extended to both sides, resulting in expansion splitting force and being split. The internal structure of the object is destroyed and split. As shown in Figure 3 .

If the splitting object is large, multiple holes can be drilled on the face that needs to be split, and a splitter is inserted in each hole. The maximum splitting force of each splitter can reach 1900 to 4130 kN , so that multiple splitters can be used in combination. Can produce a huge splitting force.

3 main technical parameters

Hydraulic splitter main technical parameters in Table 1 .

The choice of hydraulic power station shall be determined according to the work requirements, conditions of the construction site and the number of splitters that need to work at the same time.

4 Splitter performance characteristics

(1) Security. The splitter is controlled to work under static hydraulic pressure and does not present hazards like blasting and other impact removal or rock drilling equipment, and does not require complex safety measures.

(2) Environmental protection. When the splitter is working, no vibration, > 10 blows, noise, dust, flying debris, etc. will occur, and the surrounding environment will not be affected. Even in densely populated areas or indoors, and beside precision equipment, construction can be performed without interference.

(3) Economicality. The splitting machine can complete the splitting process in a few seconds, and can work continuously without interruption. The efficiency is high, and its operation and maintenance costs are very low; there is no need for isolation or other time-consuming and expensive safety measures like blasting operations.

(4) Accuracy. Unlike most conventional dismantling methods and equipment, the disintegrator can accurately determine the splitting direction, the split shape, and the size of the part to be removed in advance, and has high splitting and dismantling precision.

(5) Easy to operate. The humanized design of the splitter ensures that the use of the splitter is easy to learn and requires only a single operation; it is easy to maintain and maintain, and has a long service life; the handling of splitters and power stations is also very convenient.

(6) Flexibility. The application of special aluminum alloys allows the Dalda splitter to have a large splitting force while having a small weight and volume, so that it can be easily dismantled and split in indoor or in narrow places, and it can also be used underwater.

5 Engineering Application Examples

5 . 1 Demolition and partial reconstruction of reinforced concrete structures

The splitting machine is widely used in the demolition and local reconstruction of various reinforced concrete foundations and concrete walls with its huge splitting force.

5 . 2 blocks of quarry mining

The splitter has great technical advantages in the mining of blocks in marble, granite, sandstone and other quarries. Compared with blasting or other manual methods, it has the advantages of safety, environmental protection, a 2 to 3 times increase in finished product rate , and low mining costs.

5 . 3 environmental protection and non-interference demolition

The splitter is particularly suitable for the dismantlement and reconstruction of foundations, floors, and walls where shocks and vibrations are strictly controlled.

5 . 4 various rescue

In disasters such as earthquakes, mining accidents, and fire disasters, it is possible to use splitters to cut through the wall and to use it for railway rescue and dangerous rock treatment. Broken rock collapses and falls onto megaliths on highways to quickly remove roadblocks. .

Due to the above advantages of the Darda splitter system, it provides a large market for its application in various construction projects and building renovation projects.

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