GO Jiaju Survey: In the financial era, do you choose to install the furniture?

With the increasing number of financial products, installment payment has become a popular consumption method in today's society. Spend tomorrow's money, buy today's goods, and enjoy something that you have to store for a long time. From buying a house to buying a car, and even today's ant flower buds, large sums can be paid in installments, which really makes everyone happy. Then, with the change of everyone's consumption concept, will you choose to pay in installments when buying furniture? Everyone has to hit the picture below to vote! (Click on the image or visit the website sojump.com/jq/12010584.aspx)


Furniture staging

Many friends don't really care about staging when they buy furniture, because they can't afford to pay for a one-time payment if they can afford high-end furniture. Naturally, they won't be able to consider them. However, GO Jiaju wants to say a few words here, buy furniture in installments, although it pays a lot more interest than one-time payment, but this has the advantage, that is to ensure the liquidity in his hands. When a set of furniture is paid in one lump sum, the amount of liquidity will inevitably be greatly reduced, but if it is paid in installments, the disposable liquidity will be quite sufficient. Therefore, whether it is capable of one-time payment or inability to make a one-time payment, it is a good choice to purchase furniture in installments!

Jiaju Finance

GO Jiaju Jiaju Finance is a major attempt by GO Jiaju.com to introduce finance into the furniture industry. For this reason, GO Jiaju.com cooperates with the five major banks of China Agriculture Construction and Construction Corporation to provide consumers with furniture staging services so that consumers can When you buy furniture, you can also pay in installments! Want to know more about furniture staging? Jiaju Financial Hotline 0512-82278555 Enjoy your information at any time.

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