Smart lock basic function settings

Compared to mechanical locks that lasted for millennium tradition, smart locks are actually a brand new category. Regardless of which brand of smart lock, its unlocking method is nothing more than fingerprint unlock, password unlock, IC card unlock these kinds, then for these kinds of unlock methods, smart lock is how to set it?

First, the administrator password settings (the first time after the factory set the password for the administrator password)

Step one: Open the battery cover.

Step 2: Press the setting key once to make a sound.

Step 3: Press the start key (one digit behind the keypad number 3), enter the password (3-8 digits) and press the # key.

Step 4: The sound of audible noise is heard and the operation is successful.

Second, open the card, password, fingerprint lock settings


Step one: Step one above

Step two: press set button once

Step 3: Press the Start key, enter the password (3-8 digits) and press the # key. The password is set successfully.

Step 4: Press the Start key, enter the number (00-99) Press the # key. The card to be set is close to the sensing area and the proximity card is set.

Step 5: Press the start button, enter the open door (3-8 digits), press the # key to end. Fingers are aligned with the fingerprint window to read the fingerprint. After the sound drops, press the same finger again to read the fingerprint. The same sound is read twice, indicating successful fingerprint entry.

Third, delete the opening card, password, fingerprint

Step one: Step one above

Step 2: Press the setup button twice

Step 3: Press the Start key, enter the administrator password, press the # key

Step 4: Press Start, enter the fingerprint, password, corresponding number, and # key to delete. For example, if you want to delete the fingerprint, read your finger at the fingerprint window and press the # key. The card to be deleted is near the proximity area. Press the # key to delete it.

Fourth, delete all cards, fingerprints, passwords (the administrator password will also be deleted)


Step one: Step one above

Step 2: Press the setting key three times in a row

Step 3: Press Start, enter the administrator password

Step 4: Finally press the # key. successfully deleted.

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