Fort Lauren intelligent lock full-function analysis

With the popularization of intelligence, more and more intelligent products have entered our homes and brought us more safety and convenience, making our trips safer and more secure. No matter how long it takes to travel, No longer have to worry about the safety of the family. Do you think it is very convenient? And now that intelligent products are becoming more and more popular, I believe that it will take a long time to fully enter the family. Today, we will introduce a German Fortune smart lock. The joining situation is convenient for everyone to understand.

Fort Delun smart lock function

1. LCD Tips · Smart Communication

Leading full-view OLED LCD screen, showing the entire operation steps and guiding usage

2. Full touch screen operation

Full lock without a mechanical button, using technology to create a new smart touch button

3. Guest level and different permissions

Managers have administrative rights and open unlocked rights. Ordinary users are limited to normal open access. 150 fingerprints can be stored, including 5 fingerprints for management, 125 fingerprints for permanent users, and 20 fingerprints for temporary users.

4. Undervoltage warning standby power

When the battery power is low, it will automatically prompt you to open more than 100 times after the prompt. When the power is exhausted, the system can be activated by an external mobile battery to ensure that the lock is turned on under any condition.


5. Double verification

Fingerprint lock+password double verification open function can be set for high security places requiring double verification

6. Anti-lock, anti-cat's eye open

After being locked at home, it can prevent accidental intrusion of ordinary users such as babysitters; it can prevent the illegal opening of the inner handle through the cat's eye with an iron lever.

7. Super C level cylinder

In any case, the lock can be unlocked by a spare emergency mechanical key with the highest level of Super C core

8. Security function

After five consecutive password entry failures, the system will lock for 5 minutes. Only operate after 5 minutes.

After the above introduction, I believe that everyone has a good understanding of the advantages of Baudrun’s smart locks, and Delberg’s smart locks will give more people more confidence to use them in more occasions thanks to their unique technological advantages. The family is safer. Let's make our life easier and more enjoyable. For us to be safer and more comfortable, we will soon install such a lock!!

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