What are the factors affecting the price of fingerprint locks?

Today, with the boom of smart homes, many smart homes have begun to be widely applied to people's daily lives. Fingerprint lock is one of the representative products. It is the current smart door lock market, and it can be said to be a very profitable existence. Its price ranges from hundreds, thousands, and even ten thousand yuan. What are the factors affecting the price of fingerprint locks?

Factors affecting the fingerprint lock price:

1. Structure

Fingerprint lock is a high-tech electronic product, it is a complex complex. The main components are hardware and software. Hardware is also made up of many parts, including external locks and internal circuit boards. In contrast, the construction of a traditional mechanical lock is much simpler, and the mechanical lock has no electronic software part. So this is destined to fingerprint lock manufacturing costs much higher than the mechanical lock, the price is naturally much more expensive.

2, material

Under normal circumstances, some fingerprint lock products that have been selected for high-quality production of raw materials have an intangible increase in their material costs. Therefore, the prices of products will be relatively higher.


3, function

Compared to traditional mechanical locks, fingerprint locks have more functions. Therefore, relative to some fingerprint lock products with multiple functions, the production process is also more complicated, and its price will be relatively high.

4, brand

Nowadays, there are many fingerprint lock brands on the market, and the price of fingerprint locks between different brands is not the same. Because each brand can be due to differences in the configuration, the resulting price is not the same.

In addition to the aspects described above, there are other factors that affect the price of fingerprint locks. If you want to know exactly how much a fingerprint is locked, the best way is to directly ask the manufacturer directly based on your own needs.

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