Dalan Motor tells you how to debug the servo oil pump motor

How is the servo oil pump motor debugged? Dalan motor has been simply sorted and sorted. The specific speed control method is as follows: 1. Initialization parameter 1 Initialize the parameters before wiring. 2 Select the control mode on the control card, clear the PID parameter, and let the default enable signal be turned off when the control card is powered on. Save this state to ensure that the control card is in this state when it is powered on again. 3 Set the control mode on the servo motor first, set the gear ratio that enables the external encoder signal output, and set the proportional relationship between the control signal and the motor speed. 2. Wiring 1 de-energizes the control card and connects the signal line between the control card and the servo. a. The following lines must be connected: the analog output line of the control card, the enable signal line, and the encoder signal line of the servo output. b. After checking that there is no error in the wiring, the motor and control card (and PC) are powered on. At this point, the motor should not move, and it can be easily rotated with an external force. If not, check the setting and wiring of the enable signal. c. Rotate the motor with an external force to check whether the control card can correctly detect the change of the motor position, otherwise check the wiring and setting of the encoder signal. 3. Test direction 1 For a closed-loop control system, if the direction of the feedback signal is incorrect, the consequences must be catastrophic. The servo enable signal is turned on by the control card. At this time, the servo should rotate at a lower speed. This is the legendary “zero drift”. 2 There will be a command to suppress zero drift on the general control card. Use this command to see if the motor speed and direction can be controlled by this command. If it is not possible to control, check the parameter settings of the analog wiring and control mode. 3 Confirm that a positive number is given, the motor rotates forward, the encoder count increases; when a negative number is given, the motor reverses and the encoder count decreases. Do not use this method if the motor has a load and the stroke is limited. Do not give excessive voltage to the test. It is recommended to be below 1V. If the directions are inconsistent, you can modify the parameters on the control card or motor to make them consistent. 4, suppress zero drift 1 In the closed-loop control process, the existence of zero drift will have a certain impact on the control effect, it is best to suppress it. 2 Use the control card or servo to suppress the parameters of zero drift, carefully adjust to make the motor speed approach zero. 3 Because the zero drift itself has a certain randomness, it is not necessary to require the motor speed to be absolutely zero. 5. Establish closed-loop control 1 Release the servo enable signal again through the control card, input a small proportional gain on the control card, and input the minimum value that the control card can allow. 2 Turn on the control card and servo enable signal. At this point, the motor should have been able to act roughly in accordance with the motion instructions. 6. Adjust the closed-loop parameters to fine-tune the control parameters to ensure that the motor moves according to the instructions of the control card. This is a work that must be done. ----- Responsible Editor: Dalan Oil Pump Motor 02- Purchasing Consultant Copyright http:/(Dalan Motor) Reprint, please indicate the source http://news.chinawj.com.cn

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