Fire alarm system maintenance

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With the continuous improvement of people’s firefighting awareness, in order for people to pay more attention to the security around them, it is necessary to continuously create a safe environment in order to provide people with a good working and living space, maintain social stability and ensure economic development. Fire-fighting equipment can provide effective protection in the event of a fire. Only by ensuring that the fire-fighting equipment works well can it play its true role and play its rescue role. The integration of urban and rural construction has led to more and more missions of firefighting units, increasing responsibilities, and increasingly complex tasks for firefighting rescue and social assistance. Without good equipment, it is impossible to complete various tasks. Therefore, the firefighting force is equipped with And the equipment used is very critical. Only by continuously improving maintenance capabilities can we meet the requirements of modern firefighting and achieve the basic purpose of rapid rescue. The firefighting equipment of the firefighting force is the weapon used by them for fighting. It can be said that the scene of firefighting and rescue is their battlefield. Only the good performance of firefighting equipment can play the role of the fighting force, embody the fighting power it deserves, and the daily maintenance of firefighting equipment will be used for rescue work. It is very important to continue to strengthen maintenance and management, to ensure a sound state, to meet the needs of the rescue, equipment maintenance and maintenance related to the fighting ability of the fire brigade. The article mainly introduces the maintenance measures and methods of fire equipment, and further proposes scientific and effective measures and methods to ensure the scientific maintenance of fire fighting equipment and guarantee the fire fighting capability.

The social and economic development has led people to pay more and more attention to fire safety and put forward higher work requirements for fire protection units. The role of fire fighting and disaster relief for fire fighting units is becoming more and more prominent. It can be said that fire fighting tasks and pressures borne by fire protection units are increasing. With continuous increase, only by comprehensively improving combat effectiveness will it be possible to ensure the achievement of rescue targets and protect the safety of people's lives and properties. In order to improve the combat effectiveness of fire fighting, the firefighting force needs to fully maintain and maintain the equipment and ensure that the equipment is intact. With the development of science and technology, various new technologies, equipment, and methods have become popular. In order to improve their capabilities, some fire fighting units have vigorously purchased equipment with high technological content and good fire extinguishing performance, and played a good role in all kinds of fire fighting operations. Among them, the fire-fighting forces rely more and more on various types of equipment. Equipment is the core of the firefighting force. Only when all types of equipment are properly maintained, can we maintain combat effectiveness and form rescue forces.

Fire alarm system maintenance

Fire-fighting facilities are rich in equipment, and different facilities play different roles. The fire alarm system is the most important facility, capable of early warning and forecasting, enabling people to avoid fires, avoiding more casualties, and is critical to the daily maintenance of fire alarm systems.

Fire alarm system host maintenance

Preparation of Fire Alarm System - complete equipment, the management center is placed in the multi-host, through the information collection and summary information form fire alarm, check of the host is necessary to focus the fire control distribution box flag, instruments, indicators, switches If the control button is working properly, switch the main power and standby power to see if there is any stuck. View the situation of the low-voltage power distribution room through human control to ensure that the controller's main hardware interface chip is not faulty. The daily maintenance of the alarm system requires technical personnel to take part in the responsibility. The 5 angle protection system is well maintained and maintained. After the equipment is put into use, in order to ensure normal operation, engineers and technicians must strictly carry out daily inspections according to the “Fire Alarm Control System Maintenance Project Schedule”. When you use, you need to select professionals to operate, do daily scientific management and maintenance, set up exclusive zone protection, do not allow outsiders to trigger at will, during the use of the device can not be free to change equipment, the problem is quickly notified their own warranty, Make repairs at a decisive speed and form a record. The failure of fire equipment maintenance is generally not more than 8 hours. If the failure cannot be resolved within 8 hours, the cause of the failure and the time for resolution shall be reported to the management office for a deadline. When there is a problem in the alarm system, if it occurs in the evening, it will not have a significant impact on the user's life and work. At this time, no repairs are required. According to the failure of the fire-fighting equipment, the maintenance time is appropriately adjusted. The watchers at all levels should be familiar with the arrangement of the alarm signal measuring points in the fire alarm system, so that they can play a preventive role against steep effects. The inspection of the fire protection system needs to be carried out from time to time. It consists of daily routine inspections and annual inspections. During the daily inspection, it is necessary to test various functions of the fire alarm control host to ensure that the fire alarm function and fault function work well and that the equipment is used normally. At the same time, it is necessary to check whether the indicator lamp is damaged or abnormal, and do the main and backup power supply. Good automatic conversion test, through the fire fire alarm controller self-test function, do a good job of the system inspection test of the equipment operation, at the same time, in order to more _ really problem points, need to record the findings, fill in the inspection results in the "fire Daily Maintenance Record Form. In the annual inspection, actual simulation of all fire detectors is required to replace the failed fire detectors. In addition, visual inspections of cables, junction boxes, equipment, etc. are required to clean up the accumulated dust, and the inspection results are filled in. Annual maintenance records for fire equipment. The annual inspection is conducted in half year and twice a year.

Smoke temperature alarm system maintenance

The smoke temperature sensing system is a high-tech alarm system that requires good maintenance and maintenance to ensure normal operation. Form alarm warning such systems mainly by the temperature sensor, smoke detector, the device is very sensitive, we need to fully carry out maintenance, just ^ play a preventive role in the fire early, maintaining people's lives and property. It is very important to carry out routine maintenance, and therefore, it is important to ensure that it is safe to use phosphorus. 3. To talk about yak? Greece 庋 ü ü 焖倥 焖倥 焖倥 ü 焖倥 焖倥 希 希 希 希 希 希 希 希 富 富 富 富 富 富 富 富 富 富 富 。 。 。 。 。. ? Mace Jiao Zhuo stew still? Which C test survey cease arrest chessboard? Po eulogy candlestick? Talk Xing? / Span> 5%, the test system through the use of smoke alarms or smoke cigarettes source, check its sensitivity to smoke eligibility The timely replacement of unqualified, ensure that all qualified, meet the alarm needs. Check the special parts of the building. For example, running water on the floor may endanger the smoke-sensing area. You need to check if the circuit is normal.

This article comes from "Technology Innovation and Applications", No. 23, 2017, edited and reorganized by China Rescue Equipment Network.

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