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For many friends, it is a wonderful thing to have a villa, but if you really have a villa, do you know how to decorate it? How much do you know about the decoration techniques of a country house? The villa is not an easy task, and we need too much knowledge to understand. Today, let's take a look at the country house decoration techniques and things to be aware of when decorating!


What are the decoration techniques for country houses?

First, the bathtub installation in the bathroom should be cautious

Nowadays, many people like to live with the elderly. Therefore, before the layout, we must consider the existence of the elderly, especially in the bathroom China, pay special attention to the anti-slip treatment of the ground, increase the safety rails as much as possible, and also the sink and bathtub. The edges of the product should also be treated to be smoother to prevent injury to the elderly.

Second, the smart home system guarantees safety

Due to the large range of this type of room, the internal compartments are relatively far apart. Therefore, in order to ensure smooth communication between the rooms and to ensure the safety of the family, it is best to install a smart home system in the villa. Monitoring, in addition, if the head of the household is not at home, the intelligent system will also broadcast a cell phone to ensure the security inside the villa.

Third, the selection is high, the design of the attic and the flue should be reasonable.

For a room with a higher floor, you usually choose to separate a loft, but no matter how you separate it, you should fully consider the bearing capacity of the floor and the wall thickness and height to ensure that there are no safety hazards, and if the kitchen is high. It is also necessary to pay attention to the corresponding increase in the flue gas flue of the range hood so that the soot can be effectively discharged.

Fourth, too many appliances in the bathroom, pay attention to electricity safety

In general, the bathroom layout of this type of room will be more complicated and special than the ordinary ones, and the appliances used are relatively more. Therefore, the position of the wires and appliances should be fully simulated and conceived in the early stage of the renovation, and then Operate to avoid changes after renovation.


Country House Decoration Notice

The design of country houses should guard against the "top-heavy" main "long and young disorder"

Many rural villas have limited areas on the first floor of the feng shui precautions, because many people on the second and third floors will be built into a "floating out" style, resulting in a "top-heavy" style. This is called "long." The layout of the young disorder. To be straightforward, it is the younger generation who lived in this house. It is often "not big or small."

Backwaters, the main "difficult to gather wealth"

The rural villa feng shui note points out that if you simply hold the concept of “a thousand gold is difficult to buy to the south building”, you intend to open the door to the south, and let the door and the street “reverse”, it will violate the “open door” to comply with the “waterway”. the rules. The feng shui precautions for building a house are based on the geographical environment, so opening the door depends on the overall terrain and the detailed environment.

"The kitchen is oppressed", the main "hard fortune"

The feng shui precautions of rural villas require that the kitchen cannot be built on the mezzanine because it is a very unfavorable situation. Because in the mezzanine, the kitchen is not only oppressed by the heavy upper layer, but also under the condition of “semi-suspended space”. The consideration of rural villas is from the perspective of magnetic field space. This design will directly affect the family’s financial instability. And easily lead to debt, and the health of the hostess will also be affected.

There are too many matters to be noticed in the decoration of the country house. We need to pay attention to it during the decoration. The above is the country villa decoration tips and country villa decoration tips introduced to you today. It is over here. To learn more about the decoration, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home network.

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