How to decorate a second-hand house? Duplex second-hand house decoration points

With the constant changes and subdivisions of modern urbanites' housing requirements, the compact duplex that emphasizes space utilization and the large and medium-sized duplex second-hand houses that focus on the comfortable division of space have emerged. It also has a lot of attention to the decoration. Today, the decoration home network Xiaobian came to talk with you about the many problems of duplex second-hand house decoration, I hope this article can help everyone.


How to decorate a second-hand house

1. First, the second-floor second-hand house can not be too low. When the developer sells the top-floor duplex second-hand house, the mezzanine will be given to the buyers. These mezzanines are generally too low in height and have no great use value. In general, a floor with a height of 4.8 m to 5.2 m can be used as a mezzanine. If the floor height is above 5.2 m, the duplex structure will be more comfortable.

2, duplex second-hand house indoor stairs can not be too steep, usually the height of each level of the stairs can not be greater than 180 mm, the slope can not be too steep, it is convenient to carry furniture. The stairs should generally be located near the wall, close to the living room and restaurant. The space under the stairs should not occupy the main space as much as possible. The storage space designed after decoration will not affect the overall layout too much.

3, duplex second-hand housing should highlight the comfort of the duplex second-hand housing should have a hollow design, which is mainly to meet the psychological requirements, which is different from the general flat type. Have a porch. The design should fully respect the owner's life style and meet the owner's living habits. If necessary, you can build a floor slab yourself to increase the use area. Good lighting and ventilation is a prerequisite for duplex second-hand housing.

4, duplex second-hand house decoration ceiling should pay attention to due to the duplex second-hand house has enough height difference, when doing duplex second-hand house decoration ceiling, the choice of lighting style is larger, you can choose some high-end luxury lamps to reflect the owners The taste of life. In the choice of living room lighting, decorate with higher-grade lamps for family gatherings or for major events. In other places, you can use chandeliers, downlights, spotlights, wall lamps, etc., and use them flexibly. It will look very charming and changeable, and it will be lively and lively.


5, duplex second-hand house handrails to choose the second-hand house on the handrail is also a highlight. Under the premise of fully considering safety, the upstairs handrail should be prominently decorative. We can see that there are more curves in life, and the curve can make the space visually change. In addition, different handrails have different expressions in the decorative style: European style is mainly solid color and light color, and the shape is focused on points, lines, large flowers and large lines, and more curves; Chinese style has more lines. In the use of materials, the texture of the handrail material is higher, such as the choice of walnut, solid wood, or mahogany, which shows a considerable grade.

6, the terrace is very important, the general penthouse second-hand house should have a relatively large terrace, should be given when selling. When selecting the top floor, if there is a similar large terrace, there is a better landscape. When the decoration is slightly modified, the top floor can be transformed into a sun room, which not only increases the use surface but also improves the living environment.

7, the bathroom should be more comfortable Bathroom comfort is reflected in three aspects: private, natural ventilation, lighting. By setting up a separate bathroom on the second floor, you can meet the above three aspects. However, the space on the second floor of the duplex second-hand house is generally difficult to adjust. Therefore, it is very important that the location of the bathroom is reasonable. Some designs have no toilet on the upper level of the duplex, and some inconveniences may occur during use.

The above is a detailed answer to the duplex second-hand housing, I do not know if you are satisfied with the introduction of the decoration home network Xiaobian. If you want to know more about the exciting content, please continue to pay attention to our decoration encyclopedia!

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