Why does the pepper die? How to prevent and control pepper death?

What is the reason for the death of pepper?

1. Pathogen infection

Pathogen infection is the main cause of pepper death. The disease is mainly caused by fungal infection. In the early stage of seedling stage and early planting, there are mainly rickets, blight and disease; the adult stage is mainly epidemic disease.

2, repeated years

After repeated years of planting, the pathogens in the soil continue to accumulate and the number of bases increases. The germs invade the plants from the roots or stem base wounds and spread and spread under appropriate conditions, causing large areas of dead seedlings.

3. Seed or seedling carrier

Seeds or seedlings are the main route for long-distance transmission of diseases, and also the initial source of infection in new vegetable fields. Disregarding the seed and seedlings before sowing or transplanting also provides favorable conditions for the spread of disease.

4. Improper seedlings and planting methods

Practice has proved that the nutrient substrate seedlings are lighter than the nutrient soil seedlings at the seedling stage, and the plots of the unfermented and decomposed organic fertilizers are seriously affected. The planting of the flat carp is more important than ridge planting.

5. Irrational irrigation is unreasonable

Unreasonable irrigation methods create favorable conditions for disease occurrence. Fields with large flood irrigation or flooding times are obviously heavier, and the field using drip irrigation under the membrane is basically no disease or mild disease.

6, fertilization is not reasonable

Excessive use of nitrogen fertilizer, insufficient phosphorus and potassium fertilizers and other trace elements, and the application of under-fertilized manure or root-burning roots caused by flooding can reduce the disease resistance of plants and increase the disease. In addition, the climate is humid and rainy, the field density is high, the light is weakened, the number of watering is high, and the water in the field can aggravate the disease.

What is good for the death of pepper?

1, the implementation of rotation

Rotation is carried out according to the specific conditions to reduce the number of pathogenic bacteria in the soil. It is possible to carry out rotations with grain and cotton for more than three years.

2, seed disinfection

Purchasing qualified quarantine seeds, soaking seeds with 1% copper sulphate for 5 min, picking up a small amount of ash and ash after picking up, sowing seeds; soaking them with 72% Plex water for 12 h, removing them after washing and drying, germination and sowing; The formalin solution is soaked for 30 minutes or 25% of the metalaxyl WP 1200 times for 20 minutes. These kinds of disinfection methods can kill the germs attached to the seeds.

3. Soil disinfection

The soil is disinfected with copper sulfate, thiram and other agents, and the seedling period is prevented by spraying Pulex 1000 times liquid after emergence. For the pepper field transplanted from the ridge, apply the medicine at the time of planting, and use transplanting spirit, dysentery, etc., or use the medicine to irrigate the root after planting.

4. Strengthen planting management

Add organic fertilizer, phosphorus and potassium fertilizer and trace element fertilizer to enhance the disease resistance of the plant; watering should be appropriate to prevent flooding; flooding the soil in time to increase soil permeability.

5, chemical control

The pepper seedling period is filled with 72% Plex water agent 600-800 times to prevent the occurrence of blight and disease in the seedling stage; after the planting slow seedling, use the carbendazim WP 3000 times or the anti-dry spirit WP 600 Double watering and continuous irrigation for 2 times, the control effect of pepper seedling stage blight and cockroach disease is better; before the onset of pepper blight or the beginning of disease, 25% Amisida suspension, 25% enestrox emulsifiable concentrate 800-1200 times liquid, 50% Anke (enoylmorpholine) wettable powder 1500 times liquid or 72% gram dew wet powder 600 times liquid spray, after spraying every 10 days, spray up to 3 times, It has a good effect on the prevention and control of pepper blight. In the hot and rainy season in summer, 96% copper sulfate 45kg/hm2 is sprinkled before the capsicum water, and then water is added to prevent the pepper blight and stem-based rot. At the beginning, the roots can be irrigated with 1500 times of 2.5% of the best time, and the diseased plants are found to be removed in time.

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