Duplex floor decoration notes What are the complex floor how to decorate look good

With the increase in people’s income level, more and more people are buying penthouses, because the penthouses are different from ordinary houses in terms of structure and area of ​​use. For those who have not been exposed to the decoration, they do not know where to start. Do not worry, the following will come with me to understand what the next double floor decoration precautions!

Duplex Floor Decoration Note 1: Stairs

1. Stainless steel and bright-surface metal are not recommended for escalator design of duplex buildings. If you insist on using stainless steel, matte stainless steel is recommended. When making escalators, common materials include: forged steel, cast iron, wood, and porcelain.

2. In general, wood and stone are the best choices for handrails in duplex buildings.

3. For double-storey buildings, the best choice is concrete, steel structure and wood. This is to reduce the sound of walking.

4, in the design of the stairs, we must pay attention to the height, slope and pedal shape, etc., to avoid future walking inconvenience.

Double floor decoration note II: bathroom

1, in the complex floor decoration, the upper floor of the living room and kitchen should not have a bathroom, if it is not, sewers and traps can not be exposed outdoors, and to do a layer of reliable waterproof, sound insulation, easy for future maintenance .

2. In addition, it is also very important that the phone should not be used in the bathroom to avoid the risk of electric shock.

3, I believe we all know that the bathroom is not suitable for laying wooden floors.

4, may be the majority of families are scum toilets, so you can not hang towels in the bathroom, but should be placed in the sun drying.

5. Because the bathroom is relatively humid, you should not store unused items in the bathroom.

6, because the bathroom is relatively humid, so it should not store too much cosmetics.

7, In general, washing machines should not be placed in the bathroom.

Duplex Floor Decoration Note 3: Distribution Notes

1, the number of distribution boxes

In general, when a double-floor building is being renovated, a distribution box is needed for each floor, which can be used safely to reduce the power consumption. If you pull one outlet cable from the bottom to the top, the line is long and the power loss is high.

2. Distribution box wiring

During the decoration of the double-floor building, the distribution box can not be directly connected from the distribution box. Otherwise, once it trips, it will cause an overall trip, which will affect the normal use.

Duplex Floor Decoration Note Four: Furniture

1, the choice of double-floor decoration furniture

For the choice of furniture, we must consider comprehensively according to the size of the area and the style of home decoration. The increase or decrease of furniture materials must meet the design principles and consider the overall practicality and aesthetics.

2, the choice of double floor decoration lamps

For home improvement, the purchase of lamps is very important. For example: heart-shaped crystal lamp, suitable for girls' bedroom. Lanterns are used in a wide range of applications, including bedroom, living room, and balcony.

Editor's summary: The above is about the introduction of the double floor decoration note, I believe we also have a better understanding of this. Of course, in addition to the details and points to pay attention to, the feng shui of the decoration of the penthouse is also considered.

Duplex floor decoration

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