Fingerprint smart door lock price - fingerprint smart door lock price detailed

The era of smart home has arrived, and fingerprint smart door locks have also entered millions of households. The advantages of this type of product Xiao Bian certainly do not need to say more, but the price of fingerprint smart locks is always plagued by everyone, Xiao Bian today to introduce you to a few is a higher cost smart door locks.


Smart door lock price

Nubia smart door lock reference quote:Â¥1599

Fingerprint, password, proximity card, key, APP dynamic anti-peeping, permission level management

Newell Touch1 Smart Door Lock Reference Price:Â¥3980

Push and pull international patents, virtual passwords, fire alarms, electronic locks, diversified unlock methods, fingerprint password ban test alarm, low voltage alarm, flood alarm, intrusion alarm, out alarm, infrared multiple alarm, automatic hand locking Conversion, double validation

Romans DD3 automatic intelligent lock Reference Price: ¥ 4699

Sensing, fingerprint, password, card unlock

Spot Cat X200 Internet of Things Fingerprint Reference Price; ¥3599

Outgoing anti-intrusion alarms, unlocking information alerts, intelligent interlocking, intelligent alarms, online feature upgrades, live voice broadcasts, screen display operations, full touch password keys, multiple verification unlocks, temporary key authorizations, violent unlocking alarms, low-power alarms, Family member access record, Bluetooth unlocked

Indron S-6802A Reference Price:Â¥3680

Diversified unlocking mode, anti-locking function, anti-peeping function

Fingerprint smart door locks can be said to have benefited our public, and never worry about losing the key again. A fingerprint can easily open the door. What are you waiting for?

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