Lanqiong best selling multi-purpose anti-rust lubricant oil

It performs anti-rust, lubricating, dehumidifying, decontaminating and eliminating the noise of machinery or other metals, etc., and has a magic effect of uncoiling rust, swiftly looses the rusted screws. It can be widely applied to the precision instruments, contacting points of electronic appliances, steel accessories and high sensing elements etc.

Cleans and removes adhesives, grease, tar, gums, etc from all surfaces. Cleans and protects against rust. Cleans and removes rust from tools, engine parts and chrome parts.

Removes moisture from all surfaces, eg: Spark plugs, car ignitions tools joints, out board motor and machines.
Loosens and thoroughly penetrates rusted parts, locks, seized nuts and bolts, valves, joints and rusted metal belts.

Penetrates and lubricates hinges, doors, windows, springs, pulleys, chains, clutches and other moving parts, thus stops noisy squeaks.
Lubricates and un-jams sticky engine parts, joints, linkages and cables. Cleans and penetrates engine inner parts and removes rust.

Why choose us
1. Established in 2003, about 11years of history;
2. Owns 2 main factories in Dongguan.
3. Our main brands: LQ, LB
4. Certificates of ISO9001, TUV, ASTM, REACH, etc
5. Gold member of more than 2 B2B websites: China, Made-in-China, etc
6. Production capability more than 4 million PCS/ month;
7. Exported to more than 50 countries and regions;
8. More than 60 big distributors in Chinese market;

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Our competitive edge over other suppliers is that we offer solutions rather than supplying goods and services. We provide an excellent combination between prices, quality & reponsivness.
Item No.: LQ-40
Can Size: 62mm D X 195mm H
Package: 450ml X 24PCS/CTN
Carton Size: 420*220*22mm
20ft Container Loading: 830cartons

FOB price: 1.2-1.8USD
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